Lack of clear gradations

The most annoying / worst thing about my Huel experience is:

  1. the level marking on the inside of the Instant Meal Pot and the Huel Shaker is basically invisible (under average lighting conditions). When making a meal I have a spoon in my hand so use it to Feel where the ridge is. With the Shaker - I’ve just stopped caring.

  2. there are no gradations either side of that (invisible) level marker!! I guess many of us want to make it a bit thicker (me) or thinner than standard practice, but without gradations (say every 5mm) it’s impossible to do this in a repeatable way.

IMHO even if it costs you 1 pound more in manufacturing to add clear markings on the inside of these containers, it will be well worth it in the boost in customer satisfaction with overall experience.


For the shaker if you pour in your measured amount of water and see where it lines upto on the black lettering you can use that in the future as your level. I use 450ml of water which lines up between the e and l.

I don’t eyeball the indentation mark on the shaker at all. I feel it, put my finger on it, fill to where the finger is, and it’s accurate without any need to squint, or to focus.

If I want it thicker or thinner I fill to just above or below the finger. It’s pretty foolproof.

Thank you for your feedback on this.

I’ll pop this along to the relevant team. End of the day it’s our job to make your lives easier so if this is a stumbling block and a common problem it’s deffo important to pass it on :heart:

1 ml of water weighs 1 gram. If you use a scale while filling the shaker, you can be totally precise. Not practical in some settings, but if you’re in your own kitchen it’s no bother.