Latvia, Riga. Giving away chocolate powder

Opened the bag, tried it and it’s just… uh nope. Mixing small amounts of it into good flavours and ruining my meals for a couple months is just too much to justify the price of the bag. Soo any local choco lovers?

Ah I’m sorry to hear this. What was it you didn’t like?

The taste. Im not a huge fan of bitter chocolate, but this is not even JUST bitter, it overall feels weird :’^)

You could add some hot chocolate powder until you get used to the taste

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Or add a spoonful of instant coffee to make mocha.

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I doubt that i will be able to just add other flavours and make it tolerable. It’s just too strong :frowning: gonna try but i don’t have much hope ahah

You’ll be amazed how fast you get used to the taste

chocolate confectionary manufacturers use synthetic vanilla to mellow the bitterness of chocolate - you could try adding a couple of drops of vanilla extract into your shake - see if that helps.


I am not too keen on v3 salted caramel or the chocolate which I have quite a few bags off so i have been mixing 100g salted caramel and 50g chocolate plus a banana ( to make 2 shakes) and funnily enough its my favorite shake at the moment. :sake::chocolate_bar::candy:

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Chocolate should work with frozen cherries :cherries: and a splash of honey :honey_pot:.

Hi @DunsfordMage, Colin I’ve tried the chocolate with the cherries and although I liked it, it was just ok and drinkable. But I usually love cherries in my shakes. Think my taste is weird this now after covid. :blush:

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When i first started meal replacements, i kinda felt that way and indeed got used to them. But this chocolate to my tastebuds is just horrendous :sweat_smile:

This means blending and i hate washing my blender. Honestly i think that would just spoil the berries for me. But imma try a couple advices from here and see if maaaaybe i can indeed find something at least tolerable.

Thank you all!


Thanks for explaining. The best way to offset bitterness is using fat, so something like milk might work for you.

I am actually now mixing it with vanilla in proportion 1choc:3vanilla and it’s ok. Will be able to finish the bag, but it will take a lot of time haha but at least it’s working!

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