Let's Be Better

Kick off the New Year by forming positive habits with our Let’s Be Better challenge! You can participate in our daily challenges for the next 21 days by joining us here. Find out what each of our daily challenges are and how we at Huel are tackling them below! Each day we’ll update you with links to videos, articles, recipes and more!

2018, we’ve got news for you: we’re on a mission and it starts today. Let’s. Be. Better.

Day 1 of 21: Get prepared! Which challenges are you going to get involved with? Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube for updates.

Day 2 of 21: Drink at least 2 litres of water

Day 3 of 21: Weight control. Looking to gain or lose weight, we’ve got news for you!

Day 4 of 21: Find Your Favourite Huel Hacks -
Finding your go-to Huel recipe might take a few goes, so here’s some inspiration to get you started.

Day 5 of 21: Don’t skip breakfast! Did you know how many people skip breakfast?

Day 6 of 21: Try going vegan for the day?

Day 7 of 21: The Mindset of Eating - smart food choices aren’t just about what you eat

Day 8 of 21: Get enough sleep - how long should you be sleeping each night?

Day 9 of 21: Treat yourself - you don’t have to perfect all the time! Check this delicious Butterscotch Macchiato recipe.

Day 10 of 21: Try out some yoga

Day 11 of 21: Quit social media for the day - apparently just having a phone in sight reduces the quality of conversation!

Day 12 of 21: Volunteer - what charities are in your local area you could help with? Check out our Instagram Story Highlights to see what the Huel team got up to.

Day 13 of 21: Take time for yourself - grab your favourite book and get some headspace

Day 14 of 21: Declutter - what possessions truly bring value to your life? We think this simple rule is really useful.

Day 15 of 21: Get up an hour earlier - what would you do with an extra hour every day? Check out our Instagram Story today and highlights later to see what Jono and I got up to!

Day 16 of 21: Deskercise!
Day 17 of 21: Get out for a lunchtime walk
Day 18 of 21: Reduce your emissions - try carsharing or cycling to work
Day 19 of 21: Stress busting workout!
Day 20 of 21: Try a delicious new Huel recipe
Day 21 of 21: Which habit are you going to take on?


I’ve been off the forum for a while, but looking forward to this. Particularly looking forward to sleep, yoga, quitting social media for a day, and decluttering!

Got your email. Cheers. I’ll see if I can help more later on, but for now regarding day 3, if you push the burger closer to the pivot you’ll get it to balance; you might even be able to get another burger on or at least some extra cheese.

I’ve definitely got that covered for the next few weeks :wink:

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people saying don’t skip breakfast, but then intermittent fasting is good for you.

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That’s an overstatement. Intermittent fasting works for some and cripples others. It’s not just “good for you, full stop”.

Is there an apparent pattern?