Lets have a go shall we!

So. Day 1 of using the Black Edition, Chocolate and Vanilla. 53 years old, have tried various things over the years and have heard good things about Heul.

I enjoy weight training and squash - I am keen to find out what the plan feels like during periods of high energy days.

I will try to remember to post updates in here on a weekly basis…

Good luck everyone

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it’s well recommended you can do it :slight_smile:

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Hi Alan, welcome. What actually is the plan?

Hi Bee. The plan is to work hard in the gym and see if just operating on Huel whilst doing this will give me more or less energy for the sessions. My theory is that it should as the shakes appear to be well balanced and have the nutrients i need to get a solid workout in

Best to ease yourself in gradually rather than going 100% Huel straight off. Give your gut flora chance to get used to the new diet. Hope you do well and enjoy your Huel.