Letting us down

So we were told that Huel 2.1 would start shipping sometime in October. Lo and behold, it’s now November and nothing.

Guys, we are aware you want to get rid of your excess stock and tried to give us a timeframe for all this happening but it’s really not cool when you let your customers down after telling them you’re going to do something.

For now, you are a small but growing company that relies on growing and developing a good reputation and for your loyal customers to promote and spread the word about Huel. Despite this seeming like a petty thing to complain about, it’s just good practice to be reliable and don’t let us down. Something as easy and quick as Julian making a post in the last few days of October saying that things haven’t turned out as expected or just a little update.

I don’t mean to have a go, but it’s just disappointing waiting for the days to pass in October but to no avail. I’m a loyal user and promoter of Huel - that doesn’t change, but it is the little things that can make all the difference.

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It’s online on the German site.
I’m sure all cravings are gonna be sated in the UK too - today. (or this week at least)

Sorry you feel let down. We have to go by what we have. At Huel we are proud to be reducing food waste, however if every time we iterate Huel we simply throw away all the old stock then that would be hypocritical and excessively wasteful.

We are low on v2.0 stock and will be making the change over very soon.


Huel v2.1 is now available for purchase.

This version has had sodium fluoride removed.


Well that was soon!

Is it just Sodium Flouride that’s changed? I thought I saw something about salt levels being mentioned as well.

There are a few more changes, e.g. Huel now contains both Vitamin K1 & K2, and the removal of methylcobalamin. I expect there to be a post by Huel representative listing and explaining the changes soon.

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Thanks @rikefrejut - I wonder if my sample will be 2.0 or 2.1…!

The samples are v2.1

Here are the changes - https://huel.com/pages/huel-version-2-1

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My samples were from 2.0, they arrived this morning. I guess I got some of the last in the country! I almost feel bad for making them up (they were an endangered species after all), then I realise they gave their existence to start me on my Huel journey, so it was for the best!

I am looking forward to tomorrow, faster, better, stronger, more productive. Me 2.0…wait, 2.1!

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Haha! Poor things… Possibly worth the £4 loss just to hold them close forever more? Maybe not :slight_smile:

Mine was sent out today, so anything could happen!!

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