Lifesum or any other tracking App


I have the life sum App and I started today with Huel, I was wondering what would be the most accurate way to input the measurements of the intake I’ve got, any ideas? the options in the app are:
Standard Serving (123 ml)
Bottle (256,2 ml)
Can (169,1)
Glass (128,1 ml)
Large glass (179,4 ml)
regular glass (123 ml)

But when drinking in the Huel bottle it says to top it up with 600 ml of water, so what would be the best option to choose from to accurately keep track of my daily intake?

Thank you for your help guys!

Hey there! Great to have you on the team. How has your Huel experience been so far?

I’ve not used Lifesum before, I’ve used MFP and you can input grammage of Huel. This would be the best way since the volume of prepared Huel (I presume you’re talking about Huel powder) makes no difference to the caloric value if you just use water as recommended.

The nutritional value is here. Perhaps you can input a new food on Lifesum?

I just started using “loseit!” which has a much nicer interface than myfitnesspal and I coughed up for the premium version at £24 a year. Someone had already put Huel v2.3 vanilla into their database but the macronutrients were wrong (calories were correct) which I didn’t notice until after logging all my eating for the week. Anyway I uploaded a correct version of vanilla Huel per scoop (38g) to their database but the wrong one is still there too so you might want to check the accuracy of the nutritional information if you use it.

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