Low blood sugar after exercise and huel

ive noticed a few times after doing HIIT at lunch a few hours later im feeling exhausted so i measured my blood sugar and it was 4.4 mmol/L.Im well built so guessing the HIIT is depleting my glycogen stores and lunch time carbs isnt enough to fill the stores up properly?

Daily Huel is 2 scoops and a scoop of isolate protein for breakfast and then 4 Huel and 1 protein for lunch, even had a banana after too. brek/lunch carbs around 110 grams.

Do you think I need to add more carbs like a slice of whole grain bread as well? i dont think i could add any more Huel for lunch as it fills me up.

How long have you been experiencing this for? if all’s well, you shouldn’t be experiencing after a few days of changing your diet this no matter how low your carbs.