Low carb/Keto Huel


I’ve recently started having a Keto 'lent by Genesis Food Solutions. I would love it if there was a huel version, but I’ve got to say I’m incredibly happy with Genesis.


Do you have that 100%? Does it put and keep you in ketosis?


Did for 30 days. I didn’t use ketostix or anything to check I was in ketosis but I’ve shifted a bit of stubborn belly fat and my energy was good throughout just on genesis + MCT oil + double cream.


Do you mean KetoGenesis? I think Ketolent is something else, but I could be wrong.


'Lent here is just being used as a shorthand of soylent which is a term used for all nutritionally complete meal replcements. Ketolent is a ketogenic soylent in the US, whilst KetoGenesis is a ketogenic soylent based in the UK.


Sounds good! Is double cream the UK version of heavy cream that I see Americans refer to?


Is that the product name? I can’t find it from Google’ing?


Yeah, although I too had trouble finding it on Google recently. I think because Ketogenesis is a word and not just a product name, it probably appears well down any search listings.


I’m thinking of experimenting with it, to see if I suffer from tiredness as I’ve been getting with Huel (although Huel may not be the cause, I’m booked in for a blood test).


Thanks, yes, when I searched it just came up with wikipedia type enteries.

Maybe not a good idea to name your product after a common term!

Let us know how you get on with it if you try it.


Yeah, they’re pretty much the same. Generally around 450kcal and 1.6g of carbs per 100ml.

Yeah, I regret naming it that to be honest. It demonstrates what the product does, but it’s difficult to get above the metabolic process and studies on google. For future reference, if you type the company name ‘Genesis Food Solutions’, we appear right at the top.

If you do, be aware that currently, as we get out flavourings from protein powders, it can be quite sweet for those used to a more subtle sweetness like Huel. If you don’t have much of a sweet tooth, I’d recommend mixing with some of our unflavoured packs to minimise this sweetness.

As always, I’m happy to answer any questions people may have.


Didn’t realise it was your product! Well done for creating something like this


Thanks :slight_smile: It mainly stemmed from really wanting a ketogenic option and not wanting to import from the US for $70-$90 in shipping per month. I gradually refined the recipe over the course of 2015 until ~September 2016 when we launched for sale. There are a couple of changes I want to make in terms of the micronutrient mix to make it (in my opinion) perfected, but I’m very happy with it in its current form.


I absolutely agree with you. I had to cancel my order as i can not consume it any longer because i am on a Keto diet. I was going to write to Huel to consider us, now a growing number of the population, on keto diet. I hope they read this. But should they come up with similar product with 5 -10g carbs per shake I am all in.


Sounds good, I think I will have to give it a try some time. Have you had any reports of users getting bad wind/gas? That is why I had to stop with Huel. I was OK with MyProtein Whole Fuel so not sure what the main issue is.


If you do, be aware that as we use various different protein powders for our flavours currently, the shakes have a similar sweetness to a protein shake. If you don’t have much of a sweet tooth, my advice would be to mix any flavoured options with our unflavoured variety to tone that down.

We haven’t had reports of gas, though as we’re reasonably new, I can’t say no one will experience any gas issues. With that said, the most common cause of gas from meal replacement shakes from what I can tell is oat flour in high quantities - something we can’t include without our product no longer being ketogenic, so that will at least minimise the risk.


Thanks. Yes, Oats are in Huel but then I also eat cooked oats with water at home without any problems.

I’ll definitely look into it.


My suspicion is it depends on the length of time the oats are cooked for, with most meal replacements using close to raw oats. With that said, I don’t have anything to back that up unfortunately.


If you want a keto version you have to be really careful with protein levels… traditional keto diet would be 90% fat (healthy sources like olive oil, egg yolk) and 10% protein… but most people use modified keto which is 70% fat and 30% protein… there are also some carb sources which are totally fine (such as those from green vegetables)


Are you sure about that? Because carbs are carbs, no matter the source.


I’m on about trace amounts in green veg etc, basically they shouldn’t interfere with ketones in the blood etc