Low carb/Keto Huel


Carbs in vegetables (aside from the fibre if you’re counting that as a carb (which nutrition labels in the EU do not)) do affect ketosis and still need to be regulated to ensure you don’t go above your daily carb limit. Luckily, green vegetables are fairly low in net carbs, but it is false to say they don’t affect blood ketone levels at all.


Can’t disagree with that! I suppose I should negligible :slight_smile:


Apparently I’m it also depends on multiple factors such as genetics, and your exercise levels


This is correct. The 25-30g upper limit for net carbs you hear about is the most strict. Certain people can achieve ketosis with much higher intakes, even up to ~80g. Others, especially those interested in muscle building in keto, will take a shake of protein with a quickly-absorbed carbohydrate like maltodextrin before a cardio+strength circuit, and aim to burn all the calories from the maltodextrin quickly enough in their workout that keto isn’t affected.


So, does anyone know if there’s going to be a low carb version of Huel? It would be really awesome. Usually, what makes me fail when doing a keto diet is the variety of kinds of foods there are and how lazy I am sometimes to prepare a meal. I’m sure a low carb Huel would be a huge success.


I keep coming back to this thread in hope… But it doesn’t seem like they are interested in diversifying the products demographic reach :frowning:


I’m down for a keto version


Huel team, what’s happening with this idea which is a few years old and shows it’s popularity? I’d love a low carb version.
I read you were working on this a year ago. Any news to get excited about? :slight_smile:


We have several products that we’re working on and, we’re still a small team, so we’re prioritising. It’s being considered.


+1 on a low carb higher fat huel for keto. Im sadly allergic to many things including milk and the high estrogen mimicing effects of soy rule out a fair few other alternatives, but much as I love Huel its just so high carb… theres definately a market for it as more people realise low fat high sugar and carb diets are causing obesity and heart disease and more healthy fats are needed in our diets. Keto Huel would sell… perhaps if you guys came up with a waiting list to measure interest? Or kickstartered keto huel? I’d be in! :slight_smile:


It’s very difficult to find a keto-friendly source of fats that would work in the form of powder. That’s why a lot of the options available currently have you add your own fats.


I had assumed it would be a mix of powdered nuts, coconut and so forth mixed together… I would think it would be entirely possible and tasty, perhaps the shelf life would be less on each batch though? Otherwise I guess they could do a version where you need to add a fat and that would work too :slight_smile:


Yeah, it’s possible, but you’re basically going to be relying on stuff like macadamia nuts, because if you go with other types for the bulk of your calories the omega 6 content skyrockets.

A mix of macadamia nuts and coconut would work, though coconuts are probably too high in carbs, and macadamia nut meal is pretty expensive and hard to come by in the UK.

There is a brand, Primalkind, which have the bulk of their fats coming from macadamia nut and flaxseed meal, but they’re based in Australia, and some people don’t seem to like the texture. It’s something I’d like to see available from other countries, as although Primalkind ship to the EU, it is quite expensive.


I’ve been using myprotein’s MCT powder to up fat content. Any thoughts on that?


It’s pretty good, though if you were using it as your only fat source, you’d probably experience some bad diarrhoea and stomach issues. You’d probably adapt, but it would take a while. With said, I’d be more inclined to recommend it if the price wasn’t so great. It’s also a pity it includes glucose syrup solids as if it was made without those, it would obviously be more keto-friendly. But even with them, you’re going to encounter problems from the MCT content before the carb content most likely.


Oh definitely not my only source, just adding a bit to 'lents to boost the fat content a little. Thankfully my body seems to have adapted to taking on more MCT’s when I started using oils. Powders just a bit easier to work with and goes really well in coffee.

I really want to get back to keto but, well, effort lol.


It is a lot of effort to maintain (which is one of the reasons I want to make a just-add-water recipe). I’m actually using the low-carb stuff we’re developing currently rather than the keto stuff as it’s easier to prepare.


I think there is a market for this and I would certainly try it. It would need to be probably under 5g net carbs per 400kcal serving in order to fit most people’s low carb requirements which is usually under 20-30g net carbs per day.

It would be quite a challenge making something vegan that fits this profile though, I’m not really sure what vegan fat sources you could use to make this, it would have to probably be some kind of nut/avocado powder but I think you might have problems with a good Omega 3/6 balance if using things like that.


I’ve always lost best on a low carb/high fat diet, but now that I’m pescetarian it’s harder. Would definitely be up for a keto version of Huel as I’m using it to drop the beef due to my office job and lack of interest to prep breakfast lunch and dinner for hubby and I. Enjoying cooking again now that I’m only making a dinner (and saving money!)


Same - fat loss has always been quicker with low carb/high fat, quicker results and has other day to day benefts - I always sleep better on low carb.

My problem is that I’ve had it drilled into me like most people have since a young age that high fat (especially saturates) = bad, and low fat = good. Even though I’ve read tons of papers, research and articles stating otherwise I’m still hard wired into thinking consuming 100g+ of fat per day or 30g+ of saturates per day is doing long term damage to me.

There’s still nothing conclusive yet, and until there have been long term studies or really compelling evidence that no harm is being caused by low carb/high fat then I’m happy to stick with something else.