Low carb/Keto Huel


Haven’t Huel already said they’re not gonna do it?


Minds can be changed, production lines can be started, it all depends on the demand.


Why would you want low carbs ?

Carbs are good for you… the right kind anyway, huel has the right kind


Basically ketogenic diets can have some nice benefits for some people, such as a more steady energy level, improved mental clarity and an improved ability to run a caloric deficit without getting cravings (which can be extremely helpful for weight loss when combined with keto’s other effects).

The carbs in Huel are amongst the best a meal replacement can go with, but due to the benefits keto can have for people, some people want that option.

The lack of any European ketogenic option was why I launched my company offering one last year, but due to brand loyalty and Huel’s reputation, many here would prefer to wait for them to release one so they can achieve the benefits of keto.


I’ve been adding this for the past month;


Keeps it vegan, adds BCAAs and taste amazing.


You realise Huel already has a load of Pea Protein in it and is a decent source of BCAA’s?


For what it’s worth I’m looking for a keto Huel. Just can’t be doing with the complexity if a keto diet for lunch at work. Huel is perfect but looking at Keto due to rumoured fat loss.

I’d be curious to know why Huel aren’t planning it. Is it science (skeptical of benefits) or economics of producing a profitable line?


You realise that adding more pea protein changes the balance of macros, moving it toward a ketogenic profile?


No doubt, but you’d need a tonne of the stuff to actually make it suitable for a keto diet.


Not only would you need a ridiculous amount of added pea protein to make it so your daily calories has a ketogenic level of carbohydrates, but more importantly, high protein is not keto. A ketogenic diet has a moderate level of protein - enough for muscle maintenance but not more - with very low carb and high fat. Increasing protein too high will prevent you from entering ketosis as excess protein is converted to glucose via gluconeogenesis.


Clearly I’m being quite lazy with the ketogenic label, when I really mean low-carb, so apologies for that.
Personally my body is very responsive to carbs, I used to have an almost zero carb diet, by my energy levels and mood would fluctuate dramatically, so I’ve upped the ratio in recent years, but I find Huel is way too high for me as is.


Ah no worries, I’m a big proponent of keto and low-carb in general (I sell a ketogenic meal replacement product myself) so thought I should point out it’s pretty impossible to turn Huel into a keto option.


I’m intrigued. What’s your product?


or three version, 100% Carb, 100% Fat, 100% Protein. DIY :wink:

Or three version Fat Burn, Muscle Gain, Huel “Classic”


+1 vote for low carb version.


Also +1 for a low carb version.


What would a ‘muscle gain’ version entail?

The regular version works fine for me in terms of gains.


Just a different macro split.



If you’re consuming 3000 calories of Huel, the macro split is more than adequate for muscle gain :slight_smile:


i am now at 1800 / 1900

so a macro split does make sense, especially if you want to bulk lean.