Mac and Cheeze change

Before writing this review I’ve eaten the new version 3 times already, isn’t fair to do it after just one try because we might get not good version of the product (too watery, crunchy pasta, etc.).

So, I think I like it as before and I like the new pasta/powder ratio, is true that the cheesy sauce is almost gone if we compare or with the old version, but I like it more that way.

Taste wise, I cannot find a huge difference, perhaps a lil bit bland, but I eat it with Deliciou Smoky bacon seasoning as I has been doing it, and for me it’s the same experience. And also, the final test was my 6 years old daughter, she like more pasta and less cheese, and if she’s happy, I’m happy :slightly_smiling_face:

Can’t wait for the new product that has been announced… Hope is food and not clothing.

Socials say that Huel Greens is a US only product (for now).

I’ve not seen it, presumably an AG1 type product?

Ah ok thankyou.
Not for me I don’t think.

off-topic but… Huel Greens?! looks very interesting. !!

Just joined the forum to see if there was any hope of a return to the old Mac & Cheeze recipe.
Another long time fan of the original recipe and agree that the new version is a real disappointment.
I literally adored the original recipe (sad I know) and would have it for dinner frequently.

The new version is such a disappointment.
The flavour and creaminess is just not there and it’s lost it’s super indulgent feel.

Please, please can we see a return to the original…. :crossed_fingers:

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Glad to see there is a forum on this.
I’ve been having Mac & Cheeze as a lunchtime meal about 3-4 times a week, for at least 10 months now. I was not aware there had been a change until my order arrived last week. Noticed the difference to the pasta initially, and was hopeful that not much had changed.
Unfortunately this new version is far off the mark when compared to the previous. The nice thick ‘cheesy’ sauce is now noticeably more bland and a lot thinner. The pasta is too thin and has no bite or form to it. It also seems that 2 scoops purely makes less volume when mixed now too.
I have tried all the other savoury flavours, and although tasty, many were either too full of seeds, or I couldn’t get on with the flavours on a regular basis. I could have happily eaten the old style Mac & Cheeze every day. But this, I feel, will be my last order.

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Welcome to the forum @Emma1 & @PixelG1itch :tada:

Sorry to hear that it’s on bad terms and you didn’t get on with the new Mac & Cheeze.

I just want to make sure as I’ve seen a few comments about the change in thickness that you have been adding less water, as we do suggest with the new recipe to use less water than before to get the same thickness.

I’m really sorry to hear this and I will make sure all feedback on the new formula is passed on to our product team, we will continue to track the progress of the new recipe and see how the repeat order rate compares to the old recipe.

OK, so I ordered 1 new Mac n Cheese instead of the usual 5 bags. I agree with the majority of comments here. The sauce is less tasty and there’s significantly less of it (potentially that’s why it it less tasty). I wouldn’t say I disliked it, but it is a significant downgrade.

No matter how much I shake my bags, I always find there are differing proportions in each serving, so I think I need to have the whole bag to get my overall view, but it’s not as good.

Regarding less water for the same thickness, while it does require less water for a thicker consistency, the sauce that was, is no more, so that cannot be replicated.

On another note, I tried the carbonara, and with the addition of a little salt, I really like it. I also tried the Cinnamon Swirl and that was absolutely divine.

I will no longer be buying the mac n cheeze as frequently, and hope for the original to return.


I like it, i like the old one and i still like the new one, needs a right good shake to get a good mix though plus some chilli flakes.
macaroni seems smaller so even though there are more its not over the top as its now little tubes.

Thanks for your reply.

  • Yes, I did use less water. I could tell while adding the water that it would not thicken as much as before. And on following meals I have added less again. The issue with this is that ‘per scoop’ I get about 20-30% less of a ‘meal’, thus not being as filling. Also the new sauce is overall not as nice as before, in my opinion.
  • I can understand that some may prefer the new style, and newcomers will not know of what came before. I know that Huel respects it’s customers and hopefully they will respond to the feedback.
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Currently still on the older version and have 1 bag left before my new order arrives sometime this week. Not sure what to expect reading some of these comments but will post my own thoughts when I get around to it.

Just thought I’d add my feedback here too as I opened a new bag of Mac n Cheeze today.

Unfortunately, I do have to concur with majority of the posts here in that this is quite a big step backwards. Mac n Cheeze was one of my favourite flavours, perhaps second to Cajun Pasta. It felt indulgent and almost a bit naughty with the really creamy sauce. Especially on a cold, grim day it was very warming and felt like a naughty hug in a bowl, despite actually being rather good for you!

Mac n Cheeze 2.0, however, really does feel like Version 1’s neglected cousin. The sauce is much thinner and so both the indulgence and taste has almost entirely gone and it’s generally just rather bland. It’s not bad per-se but very much ‘meh’. It was always my most ordered H&S (along side Cajun Pasta) but the next order will reduced significantly unfortunately. I will eat the rest of what I have, obviously, but there is no desire to re-order unlike before.

Bit of a shame! :frowning:


I imagine that the reality of ‘what it was meant to achieve’ was costing less to produce


100%. It’s actually quite frustrating to read that they’re disguising it as ‘improvements’ and ‘feedback’ when it’s quite obviously a cost cutting exercise.

We’re paying premium prices for a bag that’s over 50% dried pasta. I imagine the biggest ‘improvement’ is in their bank accounts.

I’m glad that people are voicing their opinions on here though and are refusing to be fleeced.


Just tried the new version today.

I know it’s all personal preference but I actually prefer the new version. I did enjoy the old version but found it a tad stodgy. Also, the sauce always seemed too much for the amount of pasta even with constant mixing of the ingredients. I prefer the pasta in the new version and although there is less sauce the taste and consistency are very good.


I’m sorry to hear this @Russ_Mullen :slightly_frowning_face:

Cost cutting was never the intention of the project. The negative feedback & complaints from customers had focussed on crunch pasta, pasta to-sauce ratio being too saucy & the sauce being too thick and claggy - this was reflected in poor retention rate which is why the EPD project was triggered. To address this we:

  • Changed the shape of the pasta for better hydration & better texture
  • Removed unnecessary carbs from recipes by reducing fillers in the flavour pack which freed up space to increase to pasta % to improve the sauce ratio - previously limited by prioritising protein & sticking to our H&S macro parameters
  • The above also made for a smoother, less claggy sauce

We worked really hard with the feedback we were given and I have no doubt that if the numbers reflecting the new recipe have a lower repeat rate than the previous recipe that we would look to change this. The team is reading all your comments and is definitely something we’ll assess longer term.

We’re so pleased to hear it! @Rowan83 :heart:


Can I add my voice here? We (household) would have 6/16 of our bags Mac and Cheeze, but now after trying two bags between the four of us, we’ve cut it from our rotation.
Just want to add my vote for the other recipe thanks :slight_smile:

(no matter what the feedback, the old recipe isn’t coming back IMO)