Mac and Cheeze change

Cheese was Morrisons own mild brand. Just enough to give it flavour.

We did try vegan cheese. Once. We purchased it, cut a piece off to try it and declared it unfit for human consumption.

Mac & Cheese made with milk is a different thing altogether, I’d suggest it’s not comparable with Huel at all.

@Lola26 we do suggest adding more water to our updated recipe to help to rehydrate the dry ingredients.

As you’ve seen we do get comments across social media about the pasta recipes sometimes being a bit too crunchy. It’s really important to know how much testing we do prior to launch to ensure we are giving the much accurate instructions possible, we held many sensory tests getting as many people as possible across the business to prepare our pasta to different time scales and 5 minutes came out on top.

We’ve been collating all feedback on Mac and Cheeze and will continue to look at metrics such as repeat order rate compared to the previous recipe to ensure we’re making products that our community love.

Thank you for your feedback and I’m sorry you feel the recipe hasn’t changed for the better, we’ll always try to do right by our customers and as always this will be fed back.

We have done product comparisons in our testing against other quick and easy mac & cheeze to compare and of course with cost too, I would say that Huel provides a nutritionally complete meal so the cost will differ because of this.

Thank you for your feedback, we will never stop trying to produce the best products possible and I know how passionate the product development team is about product improvements and making you guys happy!

I always turn under the top edge with the seal twice before turning it upside down, because I don’t want to risk the seal opening up at the wrong time. This way the seal doesn’t get into touch with the powder at all.

Apart from that, a knife would remove the powder, too (which is sometimes necessary to use after delivery anyway).

Hi I’ve just updated my subscription! Won’t be purchasing new Mac and cheese again tastes so bland and tasteless! Old Mac and cheese was lovely


I’m sorry to hear that, but I appreciate you providing us with feedback. I’ll make sure this is passed across to the product team.

It was still the older version, I have another arrived today and the pasta looks different so at last i’ll get to try the new flavour!

Okay so first time trying the “new” version.


  • Mixes better, don’t leave a clump on my spoon.


  • I am undecided if it tastes better or worse then the original at this time.


  • 10 minutes and the pasta is crunchy, 10 minutes with the OG and the pasta was soft.
  • Two scoops of the original needed more water which meant I got more food.

Weird about the pasta being crunchy. Apparently one of the remits of the new version was for a pasta that cooked better/quicker and less crunchy.

I’ve eaten a few bags of it now and must say that the new one does cook more quickly.

Does need less water tho.

Having now eaten a few bags I’ve got used to this version and it’s not as bad taste wise as I initially thought, although I still think v1 was better

Appreciate the feedback Martyn, as @hunzas said the new version should hydrate better so it’s a shame you haven’t found this to be the case.

The new portion should be just as satiating as the previous version, are you finding it to be less filling?


Not particularly, I did find with the V1 I had to fill past the line but quite a bit as it thickened quickly (hence the clump on my spoon comment), the new version fills to the line with water and is still pretty runny (like the carbonara) but thickens after time.

Obviously this was my first one, will see if 10 minutes continues to leave the pasta crunchy, the V1 was soft after the same time.

I’ve changed my mind after having finished the first bag and now I’m thinking the new version is an upgrade in regards to texture and flavor compared to the old one. The pasta actually has some texture once cooked while not being crunchy and is not just pure mush.


Just created this account after trying the new version 3 times. Firstly, not changing the version to v1.1 seems unintentionally quite deceiving, considering it’s now very much a completely different tasting and looking meal, as I had no idea about this change before purchasing.

I ordered Mac & Cheeze without fail every time since it was first released, having it at least once a week. Now, I will never have it again unfortunately.

I followed the new guide exactly, however it’s pretty much flavorless, tasting empty like water, and not creamy at all. This was essentially just Mac, not Mac & Cheeze, as it was not cheesy and there was tons more macaroni than usual with next to no sauce. Felt more like one of those ‘pasta in a mug’ sachets. This was the first time I threw part of a meal away in a long time, as it just didn’t taste nice at all and felt more like a task to do.

Really disappointing. Compared it with the old version as I still had some in a bag, and it is night and day difference. I recommended the old version to a friend and family member a while back, the family member of whom had it almost every day for work lunch. Both of them messaged me about the same thing, and also aren’t getting it again. Big shame.

Thankfully the Spaghetti Carbonara was released and tastes amazing, really creamy, so that will be our new go-to. Please don’t change that too… I would probably stop getting H&S either altogether or only rarely for Chicken & Mushroom or Bolognese if so. I get my Mac & Cheeze from allplants now which tastes so creamy, cheezy and delicious with little vegan bacon bits.

Appreciate Huel were trying to improve this, but to me it is a huge step back in every way and I won’t be getting it ever again I’m afraid. Instead, it pushed me to get more meals from allplants rather than Huel.


Welcome to the forum @mirasqq and we appreciate you taking the time to provide this feedback and we’re really sorry to hear the new Mac & Cheeze formula wasn’t a win for you.

That wasn’t our intention, and going ahead we will not have version changes for Hot & Savoury unless it is a completely new product.

We don’t have any plans to do this currently and I’m so pleased to hear you enjoy it!

We really are sorry to hear this and I will of course make sure your feedback is passed across to our product team.

Thanks for coming back to me Charlotte. I have to admit this is quite disappointing and steers me more toward non-Huel products for hot meals in that case, particularly as it’s arguably the one Huel product that benefits from version changes the most, considering some of us take time preparing H&S with additional fresh/frozen ingredients and other food items to form part of a larger meal.

Kindly disagree with the position of it not being new, as I made 2 bowls containing 1 of each version side by side, and they were undoubtedly completely different products by looks, taste, smell, size, preparation and quantity of ingredients, as if 2 different companies made them with contrasting visions. While deceit wasn’t intentional, it is deceiving because people pay money for something they’ve had many times, to find out the product is now completely different (and IMO significantly worse), while the packaging and product page are identical as if nothing has happened. Weakens reputation, reliability and trust. A simple decimal increase would suffice for transparency.

Version changes was something I’ve always loved about Huel. Just my 2 cents, thanks.

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I’m sorry if I wasn’t clear, we will, of course, make sure to contact customers to keep them informed about any formula changes before moving over.

Prior to moving across to the new formula, we made sure to send out emails informing customers of the changes with an explanation of the new formula to ensure transparency.

The changes we made were based on customer feedback, Mac & Cheeze did have a lower repeat purchase rate to other Hot & Savoury flavours. We listened to our customers to make changes accordingly.

I’m sorry to hear you didn’t enjoy the new formula, we are now keeping track of how this new version is doing in comparison and all feedback we receive will be passed onto the product team.

I just checked my email and nothing about a change in product for the mac and cheese.

Having the version number on the bag and then not changing that when you actually change the product, sort of defeats the purpose of having a version number there, don’t you agree? :sweat_smile:


Oh that’s odd, were you subscribed to Mac & Cheeze?

I understand what you’re saying, and this may change in the future but to ensure we avoided packaging waste, we have decided to keep the same pouches for now.

I was just buying from time to time, no subscription, but still a client none the less.

Sure, that makes sense, ish. Then just drop the versionen tbh. Having the same packaging for a completly different product is deceptive, even though that’s not the intention.

If there was a lot of new packaging produced with a different version number on it you’d still be none the wiser as you wouldn’t see the new packaging and the new number until you’d already made your purchase and received your order.

It’s difficult to understand how anyone could be deceived by numbers on packaging they hadn’t yet seen.