Madras H&S Ingredients Concern [Solved]

Just tried Madras H&S. Tastes great, texture’s good.

But I have a, perhaps stupid, question about ingredients.
I noticed while eating it that there’s these tiny little white things in it that look low key concerningly like tiny worms or something like that, and I’m pretty sure it’s not rice. They’re very small and thin and mostly curled in a c sorta shape. Smaller than an eyelash hair but similar thinness or slightly thicker but still thin. Didn’t seem alive though.
And I was hungry so I ate the huel anyway.

I’ve looked through the ingredients list and can’t figure out what it is and I’d like to know, or at least know that it’s not just my pack.

I would attach a photo but I don’t have one currently.
It’s hopefully just some spice, radish, or coconut perhaps (although it didn’t look like “shreds”) but they’re so small and I only saw so few that it seems odd to me that whatever it is would even be in there.
Would appreciate the help, thanks

I haven’t tried the Madras, could be the quinoa. Have a look at the picture on this site. Do they look like this?

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Ah yeah thank you, looks like that’s most likely what it was.

I haven’t noticed any of these quinoa tails in the other H&S, but maybe I just wasn’t paying attention.

Definitely seems to be the quinoa. I had no idea quinoa had these things so I didn’t think to look them up before, but good to know

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I’ve never noticed them either but looking at the ingredients I can’t spot anything other than the quinoa that could look like worms.

If you’re still concerned it may be worth sending a photo to for them to take a look.

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Sorry for the shock! The quinoa seems to be the best guess, but do send a photo when you next have your Hot & Savoury, I’m certain you don’t need to be worried :blush:

Yep, definitely quinoa curlicues