Making it tastebetter


Looking to make it taste a little better. I’ve got the flavour boosters, but it’s still not quite right for me. I want to keep going with it but if I can’t get it to taste better I may of wasted my money. I want to get on with it it’s just too wood like for me.

Any advice?

Everyone’s perception of taste is different, and what one person likes another doesn’t. Stick it in the fridge overnight seems to be one that works for many; instant coffee is another. I like matcha tea or peanut butter flavdrops.

I’ve tried the banana and toffee so far but the flavour appears to get overpowered.
I’ll keep going with it. Need to make it work. Need to stop snacking and eating the wrong foods

Make it with cloudy lemonade. Trust me on this. Then maybe try some fruit juices, or beer depending on which kind of person you are.

Just remember that carbonated liquids + powder means a lot of fizz. Make sure the liquid is low when you add the first huel if you’re using something carbonated.

there are links to threads in the FAQ at the top with suggestions on DIY flavouring

Just add more flavouring :slight_smile: . I know the flavours have a recommended amount to use but I often find myself adding more than recommended to get the taste I want.

Mocha and matcha are the exceptions; those are both nicely potent.