What to do about taste?

I love love love the idea and concept, and I’ll still keep drinking it. My only problem is that the taste (and texture, but I’ll figure that out) is slightly nauseating. I’ve tried leaving it in the fridge for a few hours, but I didn’t notice a difference, except thickness.
This is not hate by any means, I just want to hear what I can do to improve the taste until I get used to it?
What has helped for you, if you’ve felt the same way?
I don’t really know where to start.

Have you tried any of the flavour options? Either the 4 flavour packets, or some of the home made options ( like chilli sauce, chocolate powder or expresso?).

I’ve tried chocolate powder, but I only notice a small change, not enough to cover up the worst of it. I only put one big table spoon of it in, though. I’ll have a look for other options tomorrow so I don’t have all of it.
I was considering the flavour packs, do you have any experience with them?

personally no i don’t but a few others have said they enjoy them, with a few mentions of aftertaste.

I would start here: http://huel.com/pages/how-to-use-huel#flavour

Which version are you using v1.0 or v1.1?

I’ll try those out. If I mix Crusha in it would I have to reduce the volume of water and ad the difference of Crusha? It’s the sugar free one, by the way.

The volume of water you use is up to you: it makes no difference to the nutrition.

Hey @step2347, I really don’t mind the taste of both the original (vanilla) or the unsweetened, I actually quite like them, but I’ve been experimenting the last two days :grinning:

I’ve tried:

  1. Double espresso shot in one (great - if you like coffee that is)
  2. Cinnamon in another (great too)
  3. Cacao powder (delicious)
  4. Scoop of chocolate mint protein powder post gym (great)
  5. I’ve just tried making a type of Chai Iced Tea with a bit of ginger puree, cardamom pods, cacao and cinnamon which was good. I think the last one could be amazing if I up the doses a bit as some of the flavours get a little lost. I also need to try it again with the unsweetened version to see if that works as I did it with the Vanilla flavoured one.

I’ve not tried the chilli sauce :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: that I’ve seen recommended on the thread below (there are loads of other ideas on there too): Any suggestions on flavourings?

Hope that helps


I’m mixing it with honey and organic cocoa and apples and bananas…
500ml of huel, 3 scoops, 3 bananas, 3 apples, a spoon of honey…
try… :wink: yummy.

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Okay, I’ve tried what I mentioned above, it helps, a lot. But it’s the salty bitter aftertaste that I can’t seem to get rid of. Would leaving it in the fridge for a bit help with that?

I think we have some bananas and cinnamon somewhere… I’ll get back on that.

using a high speed blender really does help to improve the texture. Leave it in for a while and the heat of the friction of the blades will partially cook it making it thick and smooth together.

The addition of cocoa nibs really helps make it nice. Just a teaspoon and any sweetener (eg dates) to taste will do it for me.

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Yes, the blender method is much better for texture. I don’t use the shaker at all. I am on the original unsweetened version and I don’t mind it really. If I want to sweeten it up I use just a small spoonful of coconut sugar.

Finally got to try a blender and it improved the texture so much! I tried with a little sugar and some cinnamon and I loved it! It was like a milkshake!
I’ll replace the sugar with bananas next time and see what happens.

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You’ve probably seen the post, but a member here has tried using greentea instead of some of the water. Now if you enjoy tea, you could also look at some of the other flavour options that exist within tea itself? For example gingerbread tea? Lemon tea? Etc.

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I always use a blender as the first few times I tried without I found the lumps left an odd taste in my mouth, not entirely unpleasant but reminiscent of the aroma of rabbit food pellets.

Oh, and much as I’m not a fan of the store, my fiancée picked me up a pack of spice mix from H&B as a random gift and a dash (small or generous depending on my mood) with a thick blend of the original vanilla really adds to that cake mix flavour, like licking the bowl after baking.