Making oat milk with huel?

I’ve been trying to make my own oat milk with varying results, mostly that it never works as well in coffee as oatly does.

Has anyone tried making oat milk and adding huel to the mix?

I tried Oatly with Huel but it does make it very thick so I decided to stick with chilled water.

I didn’t mean making a huel drink with oat milk, I meant making oat milk with huel added to enhance flavour/texture/nutrition

My normal recipe for oat milk has been 1 cup oats, 1/4 cup cashews, 700ml cold water, blend, strain through nut milk bag, enjoy.

I’m wondering if I can add huel into that somehow?

You would have to add Huel after straining or you would strain out most, if not all, of the Huel. No idea how it would turn out but if you want to try it go ahead and do it.

Good point, will give that a try

Hi @DunsfordMage had a good recipe in another post for oatmilk under plant based milks. I dont no if you could substitute some huel in place of the oats. Let us no how you get on.