Mexican Chili Mac Huel

Mexican Chili Huel with whole wheat spaghetti noodles (about half a serving of noodles). I boiled some thin-sliced sweet onion (one small) and added two scoops of the Huel once they were softened. Dumped in a bit of salt, ground cumin, fresh black pepper, ground chipotle chili powder, and topped with cilantro, a touch of fresh lime, and a dash of parmesan.

This was inspired by chili mac, a popular food in the Detroit area where hotdog chili sauce is added to spaghetti and topped with shredded cheddar cheese or cheese sauce. Obviously, this is quite a bit more nutritious.


That looks fantastic!!

Getting my first batch of chilli soon and I’ll have the first taste as originally intended but after that…

Your suggestion is well up there. Also some chilli baked potatoes are just going to happen.

I hang my head in shame when I mention Sloppy Joes… but tastes so gooood

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Looks very good

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I was a little disappointed with the Mexican Chili, hence all the additions. Thai Currey remains my favorite. I usually only add salt, pepper, and sriracha or Tapatio hot sauce.

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TGC is indeed incredibly good in fairness. I can’t make the comparison yet but soon.

P.S. just for a message from beer hawk that my order will be delivered tomorrow. Um. Along with everything else I ordered for tomorrow I’m glad I have a friend (who is legally in my support bubble) coming over …

92 bottles of hoegaarden should see me past Christmas…

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