Michelin-star Celeb Chef Richard Corrigan Tastes and Reviews Huel (from Bloomberg)

Just noticed this earlier today in my news feed, thought I would share it here!

Michelin-Starred Chef Gives Meal Substitutes a Taste Test

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He wasn’t making it right in the first place.

How you make Huel has a huge impact on the experience and enjoyment of using it.

Also as a ‘food expert’ he is a little obese, and as a chef he is incredibly biased. I would have greater respect for the views of someone with a less unhealthy relationship with food.

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Wow I’m a real asshole and even this struck me as “Wow what an asshole”…

Just because the man is obese he can’t be a food expert?

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I agree 100%. What a farce!

So, he preferred Huel to the other two I think. I agree with the chalky Saturo taste; I’ve never drunk Soylent.

I agree he probably didn’t use Huel in the best way, but it’s not a product that is really aimed at him, although I think that it could be a handy thing for some people working in commercial kitchens.

I’m sorry you saw it that way.

I agree he is a food expert, but he’s not a nutrition expert.

That must be one of the most vital facets of Huel.


Yes, I get that, but can any of us deny that we haven’t at some point thought “Bloody hell this stuff tastes rank”?

I mean I’m used to it now so I chug it like a pint of milk, but I don’t find it particularly offensive that a culinary expert finds Huel a little gross.

There’s almost a cult around here whereby anyone who criticises Huel is shut down and insulted - Even mocked.

Whenever someone comes onto the forum to criticise Huel they’re jumped on and ridiculed…

True, I see what you mean. I would support that level of intolerance being challenged as well.

I have mostly found this forum to be a friendly place that doesn’t take its subject matter too seriously.

It has to be a spoof. Just hope it’s not put anyone off trying Huel. Or the other products come to that.

Oh look, it’s my snob uncle trying to be hip.