Mixing Huel with cottage cheese

Doesn’t taste great, just so you know :grin:


Vanilla and cottage cheese? :joy:

To be fair, it was the U&U…but still not a good combo!

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We salute you for trying. Hueligans eh?!

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@Bex_Manson Have you tried it with any other cheeses?

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@Marcus no…any suggestions? I used cottage cheese because I figured it would blend well, plus I like the high protein/low fat macros. But it just made it taste sour! Might try greek yoghurt but it would have to be the full fat one to avoid that sour flavour.

What about Philadelphia? :slight_smile:

I think yoghurt could be good, actually.


With a spot of honey!

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I’ve been planning to try a salty/savoury version of Unhuel with cheese powder. Maybe some extra spices on top of that. The stopping factor so far is that I’ve never tried powder cheese so don’t know which one to buy and how much of it etc.
Please share if anyone has tried it yet.
IIUC “cheese powder” usually means cheddar or parmesan.

How about using gravy powder?

I was gonna do a chicken oxo cube in tonight’s Huel but my nutribullet has died :frowning: I don’t think it’ll be quite the same if it’s not blended.
Also, Marmite…anyone tried?

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I commend you all on your guts, but all of these sound gross as hell… how about blending fruit into it to start off with? As soon as I get my blender I’m definitely blending bananas and strawberries…

After your comment I tried a scoop of vanilla with sheep yogurt. I predicted that it would be just tolerable but in fact it was quite a good combination. The sour taste of sheep yogurt masks almost completely any Huel flavoring and what remains is just sweetness. If you like the sour+sweet combinations you’ll like this one.

@Huntress_Amelia I don’t like sweet flavours, hence trying the savoury mixes!

The selling point of Huel for me was the unflavoured healthy goodness that I can quickly prepare into savory food. Don’t get me wrong, there’s lots of nice sweet combinations (e.g. blackcurrant preserve was an unexpected win). But if I were sustainably satisfied with sweet shakes in the long term I probably wouldn’t have bothered with Huel in the first place :wink:

@Marcus, I’ve thought about it but I’ve never prepared gravy from mix in my life. If I’d have some lying around or if I’d buy it for another occasion I’d definitely try it with Huel as well. My concern is that gravy must be made with hot water and adding it to the cold(er) Huel might have unexpected results. If you ever try it please drop me a line :slight_smile:

@Bex_Manson, Thought about that also but not ready to invest into it yet :slight_smile:.

Head over to How do you flavour your Huel?. There is some chat about Marmite!

Please, do not try savoury flavourings first! Try Huel 1st and 2nd and 3rd! Then start mixing with sweet flavours and then maybe go into the unknown! Ease yourself in!

You guys are the best by the way. So much innovation!

@TimOfficeHuel thanks for the link, Marmite is next on my list! Have just done a shake with half a chicken oxo…waaay too salty! Downed it though cos didn’t want to waste my Huel :smile:

To be honest I love the U&U taste but I’m heading towards 100% and figured having options flavour-wise might make it more bearable mentally.

By the way, vanilla Huel with blueberries is a pretty good combination.

When in doubt add some heat?