Mixing meals

Hi i am new to huel and have a goal of losing 2 stones. I know i need to add some flavors and sometimes also crave a proper food meal. I have two questions.
One is that if i have a food meal 2 -3 times per week like rice, indian food, fish, chicken, will i still lose weight at the rate that i want?
Second question is to flavor huel can i blend apple, pears, fruits etc into and still lose weight quickly? Or would i lose more by not adding these fruits? Thanks

Whether or not you will lose weight depends entirely on if your calories in are less than or greater than your calories out. If you consume less than you burn, the meal you intend to have won’t prevent you losing weight, but if it means you’re consuming more calories than you burn, you won’t.

Regarding the fruit, it will slower your weight loss slightly as you’re consuming more calories, but it’ll also make you more likely to stick with the diet, so it’s probably a good idea.

Thanks for your reply. Yes i understand about calorie intake, but how do i calculate how many calories i am eating and burning?

Oh I see, my apologies.

For calories you are consuming, you’ll unfortunately need to pay attention to the food labels and log everything you eat in something like MyFitnessPal.

For burning, the best calculator I’ve found for this topic is this one: http://scoobysworkshop.com/accurate-calorie-calculator/
You put in a few metrics and it gives a good idea of how much you need to consume to maintain your weight, and you can work out a calorie deficit based off of that.

I wrote a guide on this topic if you are interested, which you can see here.

Thanks so much thats really useful. On average i am consuming 1500 calories a day with huel. I am on my feet most of the day as i have a toddler and newborn. To lose weight should i put in my fitness pal my activity and calorie intake?

You can do, but it would probably suffice to just use that TDEE calculator and compare it with MyFitnessPal. If you’d prefer everything to be in one place, MyFitnessPal will work well for that.

Hi Seema. Congratulations and I hope you get what you want from Huel. At the risk of getting too personal if you have a new born and if you are breastfeeding then obviously you’d take that into account. For most of us weight management is pretty simple maths if, sometimes, harder to do in practice. If you are breast feeding please make sure any advice is on the conservative side and factors that in.