Money Taken and no Huel or contact with Customer Services


Ordered Huel on either Sunday night or Monday 3/4th and the money was taken from my account.

I recieved no confirmation email so I contacted customer support on Wednesday just to clarify everything was ok with the order etc. I’ve had no response - despite replying to the initial email and then subsequently filling out the form on the website.

Equally no Huel has yet arrived. I understand it could be a simple problem - but it’s more the radio silence that’s bothering me.

Hope someone here can help!


Hi Tom

I’m pretty sure you’ll get a response to this post from @Tim_Huel or @Olivia_Huel on Monday, they don’t watch the forum at wknds but I’m sure they’ll be on the case for you as soon as they see this. :+1:

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Thanks! Happy to wait until then.

Update: apparently the emails were sent to an old address attached to my apply pay details - a good deal of searching has sourced them. Also turns out that the reason for lack of delivery was due to dpd not leaving a card both times they missed me.

Have now hopefully sorted the problem - will confirm when I have my hands on the good stuff!!