Multi flavour packs

HUEL do a tester pack for flavours but is limited to 10 packs. Can HUEL do a multi flavour pack with 31 smalls packs in of different flavours so we can have different flavours daily?

Couldn’t you just buy three flavour packs with your order?

NB: the flavour sachets use more powder than you would add using big size flavour bags; so you could easily flavour two 500ml shakes with one flavour sachet.

The idea of the Flavour Boost Sample Pouch isn’t to just buy loads of them to use everyday. They are there to give people the chance to try them all first, decide which ones are their favourite then go onto purchase a larger pouch although clearly we can’t prevent people just using them the whole time! So this isn’t in the pipeline at the moment!

I use a lot of them like that ha. Mainly because I really like most of the flavours and getting the sachet’s feels more economical than buying 9 big bags of flavouring. I know it’s not long term, but perception and all that.

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Thanks everyone.

But wouldn’t it be nice for customer to be able to choose either a single flavour as it does now or multiple flavour sachets as a pack?
I will buy a few of the tester packs so I can have a different flavour each day for each month.

I have tried the flavours in a little bottle … from the baking section in supermarkets !
Salted caramel is my favourite :+1:
Works out very cheap, adds flavours and you can mix and match easily

Not saying the Huel flavours aren’t any good … but for my tastes I found an easily sourced flavouring ingredient and I like the taste …