My First Week Review


Quick background about me:
I’m 24, work 7-4:30pm and do weight training 7 days + cardio twice a week and I do 16-8 intermittent fasting, my girlfriend would describe me as obsessed…

I’m always trying to find new foods to keep my energy levels up when i’m on a controlled diet and so far this has been perfect for me. It tastes good, fills me up, and more importantly keeps me feeling lively after a long day on a caloric deficit (the protein/carb/fat split probably has something to do with this). I break fast at 1pm with 3-4 scoops of Huel in a shake while I’m at my desk and I’m good to go to the gym at 5 before having my main meal.

I’ve not been too experimental with it as I like it so much as it is (vanilla flavour) but I have tried the raisin and oat cookie recipe from the website and I would highly recommend it!

I usually replace about 1000calories (half on a cut) of my day with Huel and have found myself craving vegetables for the rest as i’m so used to protein shakes and forget that i’m getting good nutrients from Huel - compared to my usual cravings of chocolate and biscuits (Sugar is my downfall) I consider this a huge improvement. My girlfriend has also been converted after realising that this wasn’t just another gym related protein supplement but a decent vegan substitute to food (she’s not vegan but is trying to cut down on meat and dairy because of the way animals are treated in the industry)

Customer service and delivery prompt and personal, I look forward to using Huel for the foreseeable future

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