My hopeful Huel journey and journal 📓


This may sound all lovely and fluffy and reassuring, but fundamentally, you’ll never lose weight in caloric surplus.

It sounds like it’s going to either be a case of maintain sanity by eating in excess, or lose weight and be temporarily miserable while you get accustomed. But either way, I don’t think we should encourage people “not to worry about the calories” when they’re specifically hoping for weight loss - That’s a slippery slope, similar to giving every participant in school races a medal instead of just the winner.


Even as messed up as my pervious relationships with food have been, I second this.


You Certainly don’t want to being “worrying” to the point its causing stress so do what you need to do to get around that, but you can not defy physics either.

Basically, to be fair, if you are picking better food choices by eliminating junk caloric dense foods and replacing them with more filling nutritious things then you are bound to still lose weight, again simply because you’ll be eating less calories than you were, so no, you don’t necessarily have to track calories to do this, if you know that the foods you are eating day in, day out, are containing less calories overall.

My mother for example has lost several stone simply by cutting out rubbishy junk foods, and consistently eating a decent diet, she doesn’t track and honestly she wouldn’t know where to begin, I tried explaining the basics of macros to her before and watched as she glazed over… :joy: But the point is still the same, if somehow you’ve created a caloric deficit by eating a better diet you’ll lose weight.

If you overate with several thousand calories of broccoli you’d gain weight, if you overate the same about in Mars bars you’d still gain the same weight, it’s just a lot harder (basically impossible) to over eat a massive amount of broccoli, because it’s not calorie dense.

Hope this helps.


I don’t think I encouraged disregarding calories, since I’m a believer in Calories In Calories Out. A couple of points:

  1. I think we agree that in order to lose weight, she has to be in a caloric deficit
  2. What we disagree on is how to get there: if you’ve read her posts you’d realise that over-worrying about eating more than 1500kcal is making her mentally more likely to give up entirely, which, in the end, is NOT going to put her in a caloric deficit

There’s a fine line between empathy and making excuses/being weak, and so long as she keeps making steps to improve herself and her diet, it’s evident she’s making steps to get there eventually.

Oh and I second this too ^ :slight_smile:

There’s an analogy I find very useful:

  • CICO is like telling people “in order to make money, you gotta save more than you spend”, but that’s very often not exactly the most useful piece of advice.
  • It’s important to find out WHY you’re spending more than you’re saving. And then to take small, consistent steps to correct that over the long term.
  • CICO is the mechanism of weight loss, but the method is important too, and what works for each individual often varies.


No, I agree. You didn’t say those words, but it seems OP misunderstood what you said and inferred the “ignore calories” instruction.

I kind of see what you’re saying, but being over a target caloric goal by 1000 is not simply “adjusting” and needs to be pointed out accordingly. It’s better to be upfront and make the point that this behaviour must be corrected before progress is seen.

@Luffers Again, to clarify, nothing I say on here is ever meant offensively or to be insulting. It’s just objective and to the point rather than fluffy and nicey nicey :slight_smile:


I think how I worded it was wrong and ive not actually said what I mean!

What @chrisjeffy98 said was in the first week of changing any diet, don’t go extreme… like just focus on cutting down, then once you’ve done that, the next step won’t feel so drastic.

So before starting on Huel, was consuming in excess of 3,000 4,000 calories easily. When I started Huel and worked out what I “should” be consuming ‘1,500’ calories, I found it incredibly difficult, even after just one or two days. @chrisjeffy98 advice was just focus on cutting down. Which I’ve done.

Just by eliminating the usual bread, crisps, chocolate, fried foods that I was eating, my calories are naturally down, and I’m making better choices.

Albeit it at a higher calorie content that I ultimately “should be” consuming.

After a week or so doing this, I should then feel more capable a lowering the calories down even further.

Also setting myself a weekly target instead of failing at daily targets was another point @chrisjeffy98 made. This is a great idea. Daily I was failing, but if I try for a week, the goal seems to make me want to hit target much more…
So I’ve given up drinking Pepsi. My one weakness I’ve not wanted to quit! :joy::see_no_evil:

Definitely… I worded what I meant wrongly. My bad :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:
I’m never going to make excuses. I’m very upfront and if I mess up, I fess up!

I was 100% worrying that I was constantly failing. Even though I was making better food choices, I was still consuming too much, BUT it was still a LOT LOT less than I previously was eating every day. So instantly I have made improvements!!

I’ve gone from 4,000 calories a day, to eating 2,500 roughly. So I’m already 1,500 deficit each day! :tada:

After a couple of weeks consuming Huel, mentally and physically I will naturally start to consume less and less, my appetite is sated much quicker now and I’m finding the need to snack and munch on bad foods slowly fade away.

As I just mentioned above. I’ve gone from 4,000 to 2,500 in a week, now, after a couple weeks I will hopefully get down to 1,500 with a better mindset and a much lower risk of sabotaging myself.

I didn’t really ignore the calories in vs calories out. I was just trying to say, I will ease myself into this new way of eating and thinking of what I’m putting in my mouth. Slowly and surely. It’s been a few days, so I’m not lost yet!!

I’m not a fluffy Nicey Nicey girl myself. I’m as blunt as F***, so carry on :ok_hand:t2::ok_hand:t2:
I was just badly getting across my thoughts and I’m definitely working on it.

This is kinda what I was trying to say. I am choosing better options and I am actually lowering my calories by avoiding the foods I was eating previously to starting Huel. Normally I would be eating take out most nights, snacking on whole bars of chocolate and eating crisps and junk constantly. Oh and bread. At least a whole loaf of fresh baked bread that I bake myself at work!!
I’ve stopped all that!

I think I’m doing great so far. I’m on day 6 and I can already tell that there’s a difference in me.

Biggest difference I’ve noticed is my energy levels. I’m able to work more efficiently and I’ve come home feeling almost energised instead of dead on my feet.

My mobility has increased too, as even a week ago I was taking extremely strong painkillers to get through a shift at work, now I’m taking NONE!
As an ex addict, I hated taking even paracetamol but because of my health issues, I have had no choice. I’m very limited to the medications I can take and this was my biggest “need” in losing weight. I want my body back.

As in my first post, I wrote, almost a year ago I was 6 stone lighter than I am today.
This has made a huge impact on my body and my health and I want to reclaim it. Instead of withering away and gaining more and more weight.

So thank you all for being kind enough to help me through this week, I really do appreciate all the comments and feedback, hopefully I’ve worded myself better and you can see I am making slow and steady progress.

I really don’t want to f*** this up, I really do want to change my life. In a healthy non destructive way.

So keep pulling me up on things if you see me going wrong. I’m very honest with my daily intake and thoughts, so I won’t “write what you want to hear”
If I screw up and over eat, I’m gonna say so.
I’m only accountable to myself, but I also want to be accountable to this thread too… that way I will hopefully NOT screw it up!!!


I think that is a really good approach, gotta start small and build from there basically. That’s what I did years back and I’m now walking around with a semi decent physique! :slight_smile:

Rome wasn’t built in a day and all that stuff…


Indeed. I’ve gone the complete opposite way over the last year, from a very toned and very athletic figure to a very overweight unhealthy person!

I’m claiming that body I once had back, but without drugs! I think my recovery from narcotics was worth becoming obese for, but I can’t stay obese forever.

Slowly and surely I will get myself back to a good place both physically and mentally :heart_eyes::kissing_heart:


Day six completed :tada::tada::tada::tada::tada::tada:

Breakfast: new vanilla v2.3 x3 scoops + instant coffee
Lunch: new vanilla v2.3 x3 scoops + 1/8th mocha FS
Dinner: mushroom stir fry, basmati rice, quorn, pineapple chilli stir fry sauce

Snacks: ZERO :no_entry_sign::no_entry_sign::no_entry_sign::no_entry_sign::no_entry_sign:

Drinks: 1.5 litres hot water (maybe 2ltrs by bedtime)

Total calories consumed: 1,735 (daily goal 1,500) ALMOST MADE IT!!!

Exercise: 10,559 steps so far (maybe a Bit higher if I go out this evening to collect my daughter from a friends house) EDIT: just closed all 3 rings on my Apple Watch :star_struck:

Weight: unknown, but very noticeably not bloated!

After yesterday, I had a good think about myself and what I’m doing. I read the previous comments about what I’d written, and hopefully I’ve clarified what I actually meant to say and what I mean. :grin:

Today, I did not snack on anything. I actually didn’t even want to! :+1:t2:

I finished work, and as I was walking home, something happened… I realised, for the first time in forever, my body did not hurt. I live up a steep hill and most days I need assistance to walk up it, or if I’m alone, I take an extended amount of time to make the short steep journey to my front door. I walked up the hill with ease… and quickly!
Then at my front door, I always always use the railing to get up the few steps to my front door, BUT TODAY… I walked up each step without a care in the world :scream::heart_eyes::scream:

I actually did a little happy dance when I realised, my body is getting better!

I know this has only been 6 days into a change of diet, but I think because of all the vitamins and minerals and all the goodness that Huel gives you, combined with the elimation of bad foods from my diet, my body is rejoicing with happiness.

I was almost medically at the point, mobility wise that I’d need either a walking stick, or a mobility scooter within the year, so, this is HUGE!

I’ve also found my work clothes aren’t as tight… they’re elasticated at the waist… but they’re fitting just that little bit better and not as stretched out.

Again is an amazing feeling.

Simple goals and simple victories are making me extremely happy right now.

Tomorrow’s goals:

  1. Drink more water :sweat_drops: (I’m always going to put this, as its a good one!)
  2. Find something for dinner that’s low in calories
  3. It’s my day off work. So try to exercise and close my 3 rings!

Weekly goal:

  • AVOID Pepsi :no_entry_sign::no_entry_sign:


Day seven completed :tada::tada::tada::tada::tada::tada::tada:

Breakfast: new vanilla v2.3 x3 scoops + instant coffee (456 calories)
Lunch: new vanilla v2.3 x3 scoops +1/8th mocha (456 calories)
Dinner: BOL smokey tomato and lentil soup, salad, red pepper with garlic hummous, celery, French dressing (696 calories)

Snacks: quorn cocktail sausages and a unicorn ice cream cone (564 calories)

Drinks: 1 litre hot water, 500mls sparkling water

Total calories consumed: 2,172 (daily goal 1,500)

Exercise: 12,454 steps (closed all 3 rings)

Weight: 15st 0lbs - previous weight:15st 5lbs

I cannot believe I’ve lost 5 lbs in seven days! As I haven’t even been reducing my calories as much as I could have, I wasn’t not expecting this much. I was so shocked! But very pleased.
I also think I’ve lost about 4” off my waist too. I say this because when I look in the mirror, my boobs now stick out more than my belly does and before I looked 9 months pregnant!!! :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil:

I chose much better options for my dinner today, I wish I could go shopping everyday and buy yummier foods. Better that what I have in the cupboards already at home :weary:

I get paid tomorrow, so I’m going to stock up on more yummy salad stuff and eat it all! (Joke!)

The other day @Stole_My_Sweetroll said, calories are calories, if I ate the same amount of calories in broccoli as is in a mars bar, that would be a LOT of broccoli.
It’s true, my dinner today was so filling. I could only just finish it. And it was so much more satisfying than other foods I’ve eaten recently.

This evening out shopping with my sister she gave me an ice cream cone, and without thinking I started eating it, then, instantly realising, oops, I’m trying to lose weight… but then thought sod it!

This isn’t a strict no treat “diet” I’m on, this is a change of lifestyle and making better choices deal I’m on. I would have been under target for today’s calorie intake had I not eaten the ice cream, but sod it. It was a special treat. EDIT: 1 hour after eating the ice cream, I was on the loo like :face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting: when will I realise, I can’t process fat. Or dairy?!:see_no_evil::tired_face:

I’m not one of those who think, ’oh, go you, you’ve lost 5lbs, you can afford to eat an ice cream’ that’s just not me.

Also today, my sister tried to encourage me 3 times… yes 3 times, to have take away fish and chips for dinner tonite,
once before she took my niece swimming,
once after swimming and she was in the fish and chip shop,
then once again, when they got to my house and sat in front of me eating it.

I said NO each time!

My sister was like ”woah, Nat… I’m so proud of you, I would have given in my now!”

I was actually extremely excited to eat my salad and my soup!

After I’d eaten my dinner in front of her, she looked at me and said, “you know what, that looked way more tasty and appealing than what I’ve just eaten, I wish I’d gotten salad instead now.”

Not gonna lie, I felt kinda smug! :smirk::smirk::smirk:

Tomorrow’s goals:

  1. Drink more water :sweat_drops::sweat_drops::sweat_drops:
  2. Close all 3 rings
  3. Buy LOADS of low calorie, high goodness foods!!!,

Weekly goal:

  • AVOID Pepsi :no_entry_sign::no_entry_sign::no_entry_sign: (3 days counting, and kinda craving the sugar, not gonna lie​:see_no_evil:)


Day eight complete :tada:

Breakfast: new vanilla v2.3 x3 scoops + instant coffee (456 calories)
Lunch: new vanilla v2.3 x3 scoops +1/8th mocha (456 calories)
Dinner: salad, hummous, French dressing, BOL lentil and vegetable soup (1,046 calories)
Snacks: :no_entry_sign:zero snacks!:no_entry_sign:
Drinks: 500mls hot water, 300mls sparkling water. (Not enough at all I know!!)
Total calories consumed: 1,958 (daily goal 1,500)
Exercise: 12,755 steps
Weight: - unknown!!! previous weight: 15st 0lbs

Not much to report today, I replicated yesterday’s dinner, but had twice as much hummous! I was being greedy and I really wish I hadn’t. After an hour, I was on the throne again :face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting: my body really doesn’t like high fat.

I didn’t work today, but made sure I didn’t sit on my ass being lazy! We got a little kitten and I spent the day walking around buying supplies and getting my super messy house tidied!

Also dyed my nephew’s hair purple, he now matches me!!!

I got my mum signed up to try Huel today too, she’s getting her delivery tomorrow! I’m so excited (for her!)

My next steps are to convince my twin sisters to start taking it, then my brother! Oh and also, all 4 of my kids!!!

Tomorrow’s goals:

  1. DRINK MORE BLOOMING WATER!!! :sweat_drops:
  2. DO NOT EAT LOADS OF HUMMOUS :see_no_evil::joy:

Weekly goal:

  • AVOID Pepsi (and oh god this was hard today, I really wanted a fizzy can of pop😭)


Proud! Some days are harder than others, but you stuck it out! :slight_smile:


Thank you, I have had a couple really bad days and I really nearly succumbed but I didn’t. I’m staying strong!!!


Day Nine complete :tada::tada::tada::tada:

Breakfast: new vanilla v2.3 x3 scoops + instant coffee (456 calories)

Lunch: original vanilla v2.3 x3 scoops +1/8th mocha (456 calories)

Dinner: BOL sweet potato and cauliflower soup, hummous, carrots raw, celery raw, alpro go on strawberry yoghurt, messianic pasta, pesto (833 calories)

Snacks: (ZERO calories)

Drinks: 500mls hot water, 800mls bottled water

Total calories consumed: 1,745 (daily goal 1,500)

Exercise: 14,802 steps

Weight: unknown - previous weight: 15st 0lbs

My mum got her delivery of Huel today, she got original vanilla, so we could compare on the flavours, I MUCH prefer the new vanilla surprisingly, I really thought I wouldn’t!

I bought the mocha flavour pouch too, via amazon prime! I wanted the toffee but it was out of stock :see_no_evil: hopefully next week! I love the mocha one, I don’t always want coffee in my shake, but now I can have the flavour without the caffeine. I would buy decaf coffee, but I will get WAY more out of a flavour pouch than buying coffee! I’m only using 1/8th teaspoon per shake. So a pouch will last me forever!!!

Tomorrow’s goals:

  1. Drink more water :sweat_drops::sweat_drops::sweat_drops::sweat_drops:

Weekly goal:

  • AVOID Pepsi :no_entry_sign::no_entry_sign::no_entry_sign::no_entry_sign::no_entry_sign: 5 days and very much counting!


Day Ten complete :tada::tada::tada:

Breakfast: new vanilla v2.3 x3 scoops + instant coffee (456 calories)

Lunch: Alpro go on passion fruit yoghurt, salad, hummous (880 calories)

Dinner: alpro go on mango yoghurt, alpro go on blackcurrant yoghurt, kebab shop chips. (564 calories)

Snacks: jelly beans (270 calories)

Drinks: 1 litre hot water

Total calories consumed: 2,170 (daily goal 1,500)

Exercise: 12,941 steps

Weight: unknown - previous weight: 15st 0lbs

Today was a write off.

I woke up in a crappy mood, desperately wanting more sleep and not an extra long shift at work.
After I finished work, I got home, far too tired to even take my boots off, I sat on the sofa and sulked about being super tired.
I was extremely hungry too, but couldn’t even move my ass off the couch to go get a shake. So I sat there, for 4 hours. :tired_face::sob::joy:

I eventually got myself up, and made some salad and used the whole tub of hummous, I didn’t care how many calories were in it, or that within an hour I’d be on the loo like :face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting:

My kids all came home from school/college and complained we had no food, we literally had bare cupboards, so after some much more whining sulking, I got up and went food shopping. Whilst walking around the store, I was wanted everything on the shelves, I looked at dried mango, ice creams, falafel wraps, biscuits, I even put everything in my basket, determined to eat it all, but as I walked around, I slowly put each item back where it went as I really couldn’t justify the calories.
I wanted it, but I wanted more to NOT to break my good eating choices.

I got all the way home with the shopping, then instantly realised I’d forgotten to buy myself anything for dinner :sob::sob::sob::sob: I’d eaten my last bit of food at lunchtime instead of a shake and I really wasn’t in the mood for a shake at dinner time.

So instead, I ate 2 yoghurts and sulked some more. I really wanted something wholesome, like mashed potatoes, and peas with gravy, with vegan sausages (Linda McCartney ones) but I didn’t have the ingredients at home.

I sulked some more, then after about an hour, I begged my son’s friend to go to the local kebab shop and buy me some chips.

I ate them and I didn’t care. I gave half to my daughter and weighed the rest. Sure how accurate that is, but I chose the option with the highest calories and thought fuck it! I’ll take that!

I went to bed shortly afterward as I was still in a super foul mood, and I saw a packet of jellybeans I’d hidden ages ago in my bedside drawer. I again, thought fuck it and ate them.

But I hated them. They tasted so weird and yucky. Almost like they’d gone off. I even checked their sell by date, Aug 2019, so nope in date.
I wondered, is it the high sugar content that I’m not used too…?
Whatever it was, it solidified the fact that I do NOT want to eat candy again. EVER.

I didn’t regret eating the chips, they’ve always been one of my favourite guilty pleasures and I’m not gonna stop treating myself once in a while!!

Tomorrow’s goals:

  1. Drink more water :sweat_drops::sweat_drops::sweat_drops::sweat_drops::sweat_drops:
  2. Wake up in a better mood!
  3. Don’t eat everything in the house, buy food!!!
  4. Don’t worry about eating everything in the house :joy:

Weekly goal:

  • AVOID Pepsi :no_entry_sign::no_entry_sign::no_entry_sign::no_entry_sign::no_entry_sign::no_entry_sign: 6 days and still counting :joy::sob:


Family sabotage. My hubby is the one. He brings in Ben and Jerry’s because it was only £2.00. I screamed at him and he put it in the freezer. Then the following night, he sat and ate it in front of me. NO I didn’t give in. Somehow I got strength to keep going. Determined now.


I bought my son Ben & Jerrys the other day for his birthday! I wasn’t even tempted!!

Good for you!! Keep resisting :muscle:t2::muscle:t2: It’s so hard though, especially when you’re tired or worn down!


Heya!! How’s it going? :slight_smile: According to my primary-school level calculations, have you reached your 1 week goal without Pepsi? :stuck_out_tongue:


The first thing I told my partner was “Do NOT bring cookies home or anything sweet, but you can eat whatever the hell you want”. We now have an understanding. I’m not buying the stuff either - I don’t want any junk in the house. So important to get partner/family etc on board so they don’t sabotage.


Thanks for sharing your journey!

I’ve been thinking a lot about addiction and Huel. I remember once watching a documentary about bed bound morbidly obese people and one said that they were addicted to food, but unlike with other addictions, they still had to have their ‘drug’ three times a day and that’s what made it so hard.

I can sympathise with that, the more unhealthy food I eat, the more I want! However, for me, I find Huel is almost like the opposite of food, it’s the thing I can put into my body which gives it what it needs, but still leaves me feeling light and empty, but not hungry - does that make any sense? :stuck_out_tongue:



Very true. Plus the food industry obviously formulates stuff for maximum addictiveness. I have some funny stories about smokers who managed to quit once they had switched to additive-free pure tobacco - the big tobacco companies but several thousand additives into their cigarettes, and I could imagine they’re now doing the same thing with vapes, but that’s a rant for another day. The big companies make the biggest profits if they make their food (or other products) as addictive as possible. Plus, of course all the advertising… there’s no escaping food, it’s simply everywhere.