My hopeful Huel journey and journal 📓


Yes, that’s true! Have you ever had it where you’ve really loved a junk food, eaten it all the time, then for whatever reason not eaten it for ages, gone back to it for that ‘treat’ hit and found it actually tastes like chemical laden crap?! I’ve had that with Doritos and most chocolate bars (except for my true love, Cadburys :wink: )


I still like Doritos and chocolate (I’m a fiend for Lindt and some of the flavours from Hotel Chocolat), but right now I don’t even crave sweets. Every now and then I catch a whiff of some bread baking or similar curse you, supermarket! but I’m not stuffing my face with fresh bread or pastries. #Win


I’m the same - I still enjoy fizzy drinks, but where I used to enjoy the whole 1 or 2l bottle over an afternoon, now a glass is enough for me. Same with chocolate - I actually put back a bar of Galaxy (my favourite) in Tesco yesterday because I realised I was just getting it as a treat, rather than actually wanting it. Also, my cravings for pizza have pretty much disappeared. The only time I fancy going out to eat is for the social side nowadays, rather than the food itself… Pizza Hut’s profits must have taken a beating…


I relate to this so much!!! I used to actually HUNT for new restaurants and food and stuff but now I sometimes just go and get a small dish or not at all, just because I want to socialise, not actually for the food! What a change; didn’t realise Huel would have such a drastic impact on us.


Wow, @David_J, that’s a big change. I don’t quite trust myself with portion control (like, eat a small Lindt bar and just count it - I’d buy two to have a spare for tomorrow and then wolf down both - of course), so I’m avoiding junk food and sweets entirely. That might change but right now “cold turkey” works and I’m so glad I don’t crave anything.

@chrisjeffy98 Me too! I really like “new things” and trying new things, and one of those is food, so I’d eat sometimes just because I was curious. On that level, Huel is delightfully bland. Or the novelty hasn’t quite worn off yet. :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing your story - I’ve just read this thread from beginning to end. I almost feel inspired to start my own Huel weight loss thread. It would certainly give me some accountability. I lost almost a stone last year but I’m pretty sure I’ve put it all back on again. Look forward to reading more of your posts. How old are your kids BTW? 5 hours washing up is no one’s idea of fun! You should try keeping the cupboards bare and only buying food when you come home from work to a clean tidy house! My son moved out yesterday so now it’s just me and the dogs. I’m really looking forward to some pretty mundane pleasures such as not having to adjust the temperature and position of the shower head each time I get in there, not having to wash up other people’s plates etc, being able to wash and dry clothes without having to plan around other people etc etc!