My Huel Anniversary: 1 Year of Huel

Today marks exactly 1 year since I took my very first sip of Huel and then posted to the forum, “I quite like it. Vanilla oats!”

Highlights from last year:

  • When I did a Google search and was delighted to find that a British version of Soylent now existed.
  • Room temperature v1.0 tasting like melted ice cream.
  • How v1.0 made my urine (and some other people’s) smell of popcorn.
  • When Julian sent me something new to try (I cannot reveal what this was).
  • That time when Huel tasted strongly of rice protein.
  • The time I took a bag of Huel to my friend John’s house for him to try, and he turned the bag over to look at the back of the packet while it was still open and Huel powder spilled over his kitchen.

Happy anniversary to you pal! Delighted you’ve stuck around for so long.

I wish I’d seen the look on John’s face when he poured it all over the floor.


Thanks Marcus for the on going support! Did you forget about your Huel onesie?! Heartbroken

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It genuinely took us both by surprise. It was one of the few times I’ve ever got annoyed with him. Very rare.

Sorry, I was talking about things that happened last year. Love the onesie and will definitely be wearing it in the winter :grinning:

Great stuff, Marcus :slight_smile:

Thank you.