My huel experience 15 months

hello brandbassador viewers and everyone else.

my huel story is one of incredible results.

i really didnt expect it to turn out so well.

first i turned vegan xmas 2018, then first bought huel powder in april 2019. my intention was to have huel everybmain meal and since then bar some occassions i have. i live with food differently now, i dont see it as brekkie luncheon and dinner time. i see it as Fuel for my Human body :slight_smile: that might catch on right.

so i went vegan because i was an alcoholic and put on crap loads if weight during the hardest of times in my life. i deserved better. i deserved specialler. i am special. its me. lets do this.

so i stuck to it, two scoop meals starting off three times a day on a strict diet. adding supplements to my consumption like b vitamins etc. exercising as much as i could. eating nuts n fruit n seeds n veg as my only snacks, plant based milk too… exercise was hard to start with.

i skip a year or a but less and ive lost 40kilos, and now consume 6-7 huel shakes a day… with said snacks.

these are the results.
and the whole process from veganism-huel-> now has been that of unexpectedly high class of health. i am an athlete now.


Man! That is what, more than SIX stone? And not just loss in fat but building as muscle too I presume.

Very inspiring, I’m at the start of where I want to be but stories like yours help keep me going. Thanks.

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cool thanks

it hurt my guts to bend down to tie my laces. couldve died if i carried on drinking n eating shit.

i was 110-15kg
now last time i weighed i was 69kg
i am putting on muscle now tho
in ufc id be a flyweight (ithink) would need the want to fight for that. i dont have that.

cheers thats cool
i want to do the best i can
my health matters

i grant you avenue to my luck

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Congrats Matt, amazing achievement :slight_smile:

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Unbelievable turn round, I’m happy you’re valuing your health so much now! Keep up the hard work!

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thanks @thetambert and @Tim_Huel

it means a lot to succeed and to inspire ppl

Awesome job! That’s impressive that you lost all that weight and didn’t end up with excess saggy skin too.

I’d be happy with your level of bodyfat!

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yeah, me too

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Thanks for sharing, very inspiring how you turned your life around. Respect, man.

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