My Huel Experience and Flavoured Coffee in Huel

I’ve been using Huel since the end of September and am loving it. I usually have one or two shakes a day. I definitely find it helps with hunger, and I love that I know longer have to give a great deal of thought to my protein intake.

I didn’t experience any digestive issues at first (my diet was already mostly plant based), but the gas has crept in! After browsing the forum I’ve decided to try adding a small about of oil to see if that helps.

I tried adding instant coffee but wasn’t that keen on the flavour. I’ve since discovered Beanies and now add some gingerbread or chocolate orange flavoured coffee if I want a caffeine hit with my Huel. Otherwise flavour with the Huel flavours which I find make it more palatable but I put much less than the suggested amount in or it becomes too sweet.

I’ve switched my next order to GF to see if it helps with the gas situation.

Definitely feeling like I’ll become a long term Huel junkie and it has made eating with my slightly hectic lifestyle much easier!

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Brilliant to hear you’ve been getting along farily well so far. Huel is definitely filling and can give you the peace of mind you need regarding your nutritional intake. Let us know how you get along with GF/adding oil. I expect the gas will settle down. Thanks for choosing Huel!