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Should point out that almond milk - even the worst produced - is still far better for the planet than dairy milk.

I’m an oat milk girl through and through, but there are some interesting stats online if you search for ‘comparison of dairy and plant milks’.

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its not sorted, but the planet is the boss.

trust me on that.

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All of this climate change and save the earth, isn’t about saving the earth. It’s about ensuring human survival, the earth will be around a lot longer than humans will be.

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This is not necessarily true. If was to get cow milk from the farm shop down the road it will carry considerably less environmental damage per litre than almond milk from California or soy milk from Japan.

Incidentally I don’t drink any of them personally (and I live in the City so there aren’t any farm shops!) but the point I’m making is we can’t just say ‘X is always better than Y’.

Actually, this is not true. The concept of “eat local” has been hyped up but the travel miles of food is only one component of what makes something a sustainable option. In the case of dairy milk, the methane emitted, land required to feed the cows and water to grow the feed all mean it is a less sustainable option than even the worst farmed plant milk grown on the other side of the planet. Google ‘eat local vs plant based’ for lots of articles and links to studies.

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This is in danger of veering too far off topic but I completely disagree. It’s just a fact that there are plenty of plant farming practices that are every bit as damaging as animal farming and there are also examples of sustainable animal farming (granted far fewer of these).

I imagine we’ll not agree on this so I’ll leave it there (unless there’s a topic specifically for this debate!)

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I ordered same With black and third shake was a mix Of the two and I’ve not looked back.

I’ll add 23g vanilla Black to 50G UU and add flavour boosts, makes for nice not-too-sweet flavours.

We are going a bit off-topic which is making Tim sad because he loves to talk about coffee, but let me give my two cents. Food miles only accounts for around 6% of food emissions. Whichever way you try and spin it, a plant-based diet is better for the environment (source)

So yes, almonds can use a lot of water, however, compare this to dairy and it’s not much at all (source)


I’m doing IF 16:8. Drink lots of black coffee (well double espressos with a dash of water) and pints of water in the morning. Then I tried the adding instant coffee. Whoa!!! I normally stop drinking coffee about 2pm, but I think shake 2 now might be a Coffee Huel.

Today’s trial my black edition chocolate and vanilla Huel mix with a double shot. Tomorrow I’m back at work, so Wednesday’s trial will be be full coffee maxxx v3.0!


I was unsure about this but gave it a go over the last couple of days. Mixing espresso with my morning Huel was very underwhelming but espresso powder was a game changer!

This has got me thinking about a business opportunity! I worked in coffee shops for a few years and a big seller was breakfast smoothies (both with and without coffee in). We were making them with frozen yoghurt, fruit, oats and espresso then selling them at £4-£5 a drink. I’m wondering if there’s any reason an entrepreneurial and forward thinking shop couldn’t partner up with Huel and sell these!

A coffee RTD would be easier/more likely I think.

Seriously @Tim_Huel, you must be working on that…? :wink:

Banana RTD before coffee surely? Or is that just me?

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Bananas are evil, must be punished and eradicated from the face of the earth! Coffee shall rule supreme!!!

*This doesn’t include flavourings

Banana RTD would be superb, but 100% coffee first.

My bet is that they’re probably trying to develop one but @Tim_Huel keeps drinking all the testers.


@Tim_Huel cracked it for no faff coffee Huel

300mls of water
1 scoop black vanilla
1 scoop black chocolate
3 teaspoons of Tesco Classic instant coffee granules (do not drink warm! Ever you have been warned)

Put in fridge over the morning

Add 100ml of water
Shake and drink

It’s been a week and we’ve had no official denial.

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I think you have cracked it, that sounds great. I also love with Huel and instant coffee that the quality of the coffee doesn’t matter so much. I’ve used super basic instant, or more ‘premium’ instant and the taste is pretty similar!

The amount of new flavours and variants we have in the pipeline, I can honestly say I am not sure :laughing: :male_detective:


Mellow Birds? (super old cultural reference outside of the non-Dredd/Robocop generation)


Heh! My mum is insisting I try it with camp coffee! Now there’s old skool!

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wow - thats like Izal loo roll era.