New bars?

So I got the old bars and they weren’t very nice and quite powdery.
What are the new bars like?

Nicer and less powdery.


When you say old, what version? The bars haven’t been powdery since v1 IMO.

The new ones are pretty awesome in my opinion.
I’ve found them chewy and gooey.
A few other people have complained they are still hard and dry.
I guess it depends what you are comparing them to.
They are less chewy and gooey than a mars bar.
They are more chewy and gooey than a bake-sale cake :crazy_face:

I think they are delicious, especially the coffee caramel. If you leave it in a warm room or put it in the microwave (without the foil wrapper!) for 10 seconds, it becomes seriously incredible.
If you microwave it for 20 seconds it requires eating with a fork and is like a melt in the middle chocolate caramel pudding.
If eaten while cold, they are chewy but less gooey. They are kinda melt in the mouth. Grainy like fudge. Really nice.

It’s taken me a year to get through 2 boxes of v2.
6 months to get through a box of v3.
2 weeks to get through two boxes of v3.1 :laughing:
Yeah. They are good.

I’ve not tried orange or salted caramel yet.

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New Bars are softer and have a much nicer ‘mouthfeel’, the chocolate chips help with that. If you tuck in straight away when they arrive though they might be a bit chewier due to the cold(but still better than the old bars), but once they get to room temp they’re unreal.

Also @ChristinaT, your last post looks like it’s written as poetry. 6 lines, 6 lines, 4 lines, 1 line. A secret midnight scholar!


I notice the bars have shrunk 25%.

That’s right, they’ve come down to 200kcal so they’re more snack sized and aligned with our other products (an RTD is 400kcal and is a meal, so a Bar is half that and is a snack).

The post is here so you can catch up - An incredible new Bar and some changes to Bar pricing – as of November 27th

I can’t wait to try the new ones. After some delivery issues, I can finally pick them up…

Tell us, the people need to know.

/update got €52,- of “Chocolate bars i find tasty at all. Could use it to do wood repairs or something .