New Huel user - Milk with Huel


My goal with Huel is to have an alternative to the quick fix crap that I normally eat when I’m low on time or in the middle of a painting and don’t want to ‘waste’ an hour cooking and eating. Also I want to replace the crap I usually take to work for my lunch (crisps, chocolate, pot noodles, biscuits.) With Huel as that is when I eat worst as I work twleve hour shifts.

I recieved my first Huel order, one weeks supply of vanilla, yesterday. I immediately tried a snack sized portion with water and shook it by hand with the free shaker. Personally, the tate straight up wasn’t for me, specificaly the chalky aftertaste. It didn’t get any better with a quick whizz with my hand held blender or with sitting for a couple of hours. So i did a bit of reading on here and decided to try it with milk. I made up another one-scooper with semi skimmed and a tiny bit of honey and wow! Yum! I found that delicious.

Today I went shopping and bought skimmed milk and some coconut/almond milk as well as some frozen rasberries, so i can do some experimenting. Right now I’m drinking my first meal sized shake with skimmed milk and a little bit of honey and oh boy I could honestly go to 100% right now.

Does anyone else take Huel with skimmed milk?

Thanks, Lynsey.


Hey Lynsey. I’m with you on the skimmed milk front as I like you do not care for the taste when mixed with water alone. I don’t add anything else to it mind you as it is"just right" for my tastes. As long as you take in to account the extra calories that the milk and honey give you you will be fine. I use 75g of Huel to 400ml of skimmed milk which changes it’s nutritional values to 445cal. 36.6g of protein, 51.1g of carbs and 10.4g of fat.


I find it fine with water but I do occasionally use semi-skimmed milk for a bit of variety.

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Hi, I usually use half milk half water, I prefer the unflavoured and have either a banana of drinking chocolate powder in it for flavour.

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I find that if I refrigerate pre-made Huel with water, it has the same effect as drinking it right away made with milk (coconut/almond for me, I’m vegan).

As Huel sits, it gets thicker and creamier. From personal experience, I’m ascribing this to the flaxseed that is present in Huel. We vegans like to use flaxseeds soaked in water for a couple of minutes as an egg replacement in baking, it turns into a gelatinous substance that’s great to act as a binder.

So if I’m going to blend it and drink right away, I do 2 scoops of Huel in 200mL of unsweetened coconut/almond, 200mL of water, and it’s plenty delicious. If I have time to let it sit in the fridge, I just use water since I find that it doesn’t need it after sitting a while.

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Can I jump on this thread and hijack it - I’d like to try it with milk as I’m not too bowled over by the water taste, but I’m not sure how to work it out (adjusting the volume of Huel for the calorific value of the milk)

Can anybody point me in the right direction, had a search on the forum (hence being here).

I require 568Kcal / meal, so worked that out at 134g of Huel with 650ml of water, not sure how to alter that to include milk?

I make my huel up with 150ml full fat milk (or raw milk on a Wednesday as it comes in my veg box), 150 ml water, 1 scoop vanilla, 1 scoop Un/Un. When I first got it I found the Vanilla too sweet and the Un/Un too plain. Mixed together half and half seems the prefect blend to me. I picked 2 scoops as I added the milk and I add some nuts or coconut or something to it as I seem to need chunks to chew or I start to feel iffy, and I use 300ml of fluid as any more and I just can’t tolerate the volume. 1 shake as above for breakfast tides me over till about 2/3pm, then I have a snack, and then either a proper meal at tea time, or a 2nd Huel. I never thought of trying a plant milk. It would get too expensive for us, so I may stick to whole/raw milk for now.

Hi - do you prefer a long drink, more liquid based as I note you’re using 650ml of water - 1 pint=583ml. Are you looking at similar levels of milk?

Anthony. 100grams Huel plus 300ml of semi-skimmed milk=568calories,add water to your desired consistency. Macro break down for above would change to 55.9 carbs 18.7 fats and 41.5 protein.
Or if you prefer whole milk(full fat) then 100grams of Huel plus 250ml of whole milk would equal 570calories with a slightly different macro range of 54carbs 22.1fat and 39.5 protein again mixed with water for your favoured consistencey. Hope that helps a little. Mark.


Not particularly, in fact I do find the volume a little overpowering to be honest, I was just going off the 1:5 ratio

Hi, I use half milk half water. I don’t get too bogged down with exact calories. I also use half flavoured and half unflavoured to cut down on the sweetness.

I have been taking Huel with milk from start, almost exclusively. I usually mix 114g (three scoops) with 500 to 550ml of milk. Depending on the mood and my current needs it is either skimmed or full (cold, with ice cubes). Both delicious. I sometimes also use milk alternatives.

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This is exactly what I use, I’m I’m home ad it’s not just me who doesn’t like like it with water! I use full blue top milk sometimes put fruit or frozen fruit in it. :ok_hand::slightly_smiling_face:

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Just a quick update: After I wrote the above I mostly started to drink it with water – got some getting used to but actually grew to like it as much as I used to like it with mil. Later, I have changed my lifestyle and switched to vegan keto so, to my regret, I can no loger use Huel as there is no ketogenic (or even just low-carb) version, and mixing it would mess my macros and micros :anguished:

Hi @triquetra011 just out of interest, what made you change over to keto?

Hi @Bee, health benefits (there is a mounting body of evidence). If you are interested, I think I gave some examples here: Lower Carb Huel / Keto
I treat vegan keto as a nice addition to my intermittent fasting, and occasional prolonged fasts :slight_smile: