New Jan Huel Journey (female(

Hello All - happy new year and all of that.

I received my Huel powders today :slight_smile:



Strawberry and cream (BE)

I have had the banana with half water half semi skimmed milk.

This was not as bad as I was expecting. I would say the taste is pleasant.


Cereal for breakfast then two huel through the day.

Going forward - 3/4 Huel a day (2 Scoops) / 2 Huel (2 Scoops) and one small meal.

Will mix and match depending on how I feel.

Will put all my stats in later to trace my own journey with this !

Very excited !


Happy New Year to you too, & happy hueling. !

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Welcome and Happy New Year!
Good luck with your Huel journey.
Such a useful product when we need to reduce down or bulk up.

Welcome to the forum!

We’re looking forward to following along your journey with you :slightly_smiling_face: also banana is my personal favourite

Ok so have been trialling the huel powder over the last few days.

No hunger pangs

Energy levels good

Pretty sure my skin even feels better also.


12.5 Stone as of this morning.

Target is 9.5 Stone

So far a combination of one or two huel with one very small meal or snack.

2 Sessions of exercise a week maximum (Spin or Zumba)

Will update weight again in a week.


Ouuuhh! Strawberries and Cream~
What a dream team combo!

Hope it goes well! I’m rooting for you :slight_smile:

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Strawberry and cream??

Thank you!

So I have done another weight check after having my first huel of the day.

I’m now just OVER 12.5 stone.

So actually weight gain!?

Any ideas guys? Should I have one scoop instead of two? Should I no longer mix half semi skimmed milk and water to my Powder.

I’m almost finished my banana huel bag and have had two normal meals in the last week so a dramatic change to my normal eating habits and pattern prior.

Any ideas guys??

2 x Huel with 250ml water and 250ml semi skimmed is only around 1000 calories so either your ‘regular’ meal is too high in calories or you have been very sedentary.
Losing weight is (in most cases) as simple as calories in being less than calories out so if you are gaining weight you are taking on more energy than you are using.

It’s important to remember that weight can fluctuate because of the amount of water you’ve drunk, whether you’ve been to the toilet, and because of hormones, so it’s much better to look at trends over time (week-to-week) rather than each day.

This article is a really helpful resource, to achieve your goals - How to Lose Weight Well | Huel Guide

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