New Mocha flavor - tastes different


I’ve opened a new mocha flavor today, after using this flavor for years now, and I’ve noticed it tasted differently. Has this also been changed? The old one was better, more coffee-like than this newer one; this one seems sweeter.

The old one was much better (to me anyway). I liked the coffee flavour rather than the blander sweeter new flavour.

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Definitely. What’s with all this new artificial tasting cr4p? Stop it, Huel!

the flavours were all reformulated with the v3 launch last year to use all natural flavours instead of artificial ones. Powders I’ve only ever had Original 2.3 or Black Vanilla v1 and usually throw a couple of shots of espresso in those rather than getting the coffee premix.

Funny that now that they’re using natural flavors it tastes more artificial…

Whilst I don’t think they now taste artificial, this point is really interesting. I think often what we perceive to be ‘natural tasting’, actually just tastes nice in our eyes. Anything bad tasting, when in a more alien format like Huel, is often assumed to be ‘artificial’. For example, when we released our new and improved Vanilla in December 2017 I remember a friend having some who was used to Original. He told me he didn’t like the new vanilla because it “was way to artificial”. When I told him we had eliminated artificial flavours he was pretty shocked, what he thought just tasted different/bad must have been artificial.

Interesting for sure.

It feels artificial in taste, then :slight_smile: As did Vanilla 3.0, that’s why I bought a bunch of 2.3, and when that runs out, I’ll try Black. I understand Huel wants to go more natural and I’m all for that, but if that means that the flavors change towards a more “artificial” and sweeter taste, I’m not so sure…

It’s funny you say that, as the new flavours are all with much LESS sweetener than the old ones. Maybe the caramel-note is what you perceive as sweeter?

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Why oh why would the mocha flavor include caramel?

Whether it’s artificial or natural, I think the main thing is, the new version just tastes gross. So, using more natural ingredients but making the taste so much worse, is not a win in my opinion.

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Agree 100%.