New to huel, is my hellish night normal?

Hi all!

Last night was my first night with Huel. I was ecstatic to start. I made myself the cinnamon roll flavor about 6 hours prior to drinking it. Now let me be clear I took fairly small sips at a time over ten minutes of time, but, the last bit I accidentally chugged. I didn’t mean to but I wanted to make that clear before I dove into this just incase that could have been a reason.

About an hour and a half after Huel my stomach got cramppy and I became nauseous. it’s been twelve hours since and i’ve been waking up in and out of the bathroom vomiting to the point where i don’t actually think i’m throwing up huel at this point. the cramps have continued as well. overall it’s been a very unfortunate and horrific experience.

Is this normal for first time use and chugging the last 2 or 3 sips? should I start smaller? what recommendations would everyone else have for someone new to avoid this going forward?

to summarize:

2 scoops of cinnamon roll huel v3.1. Sip over ten mins chugged the final 3 sips. first time.

vomiting all night, stomach cramps, lethargic, pale in the face, continuing to vomit after stomach is empty.

did not have a great diet prior to huel.

Nope, doesn’t sound normal to me. Certainly chugging it wouldn’t cause those symptoms which sound to me like food poisoning or a severe allergic reaction to one/some of the ingredients.

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NOTE: This is from my personal experience only. I am no health expert.

First thing I would suggest, You should always eat slowly and try to add enough saliva specially while having liquid food.

I felt something similar but not up to this extent while first time consuming Black edition meal. But I heard somewhere I should drink enough water after having this kind of meals (perhaps ~0.5 within an hour). It sounds like it will bloat you more but it did not. You will have to pee quite often in next couple hours but I don’t mind.

Yes that’s all perfectly normal, everyone using Huel is constantly vomiting and living in agonising pain.
Fq me.


Its how to lose weight.

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What did you eat earlier in the day? Takeaway? Shellfish? Kebab? I’d assume it’d be something less strictly tried and tested than Huel to cause such a severe reaction.

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I started my morning with eggs and oat meal. Got some sushi later on in the day from a restaurant. Some fruit later on and a red bull.

I suppose it’s clearly not normal. I woke up rather delirious and out of it so my ability to write and get across ideas suffered accordingly.

Sushi. Food poisoning? Sounds possible.

I’m not a health professional but if it was me I’d lay off the sushi (forever) :wink: and the Huel until recovered fully, then have another Huel. Or even half a Huel. I bet you’ll be fine. Good luck, sounds like was v nasty.


I’ve never eaten sushi and never had that reaction to any food.

Case closed :closed_lock_with_key: :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s the plan. I’m going to give huel another shot in a few days with half a serving this time. Hoping it goes right. Really hoping to gain some weight.

:+1: Let us know how it goes.

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Hey Ian, I’m really sorry to hear about your experience - it’s not normal at all.

I think this is a good plan, let us know how you get on.

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day four of huel.

I’m gonna go ahead and say it was what I ate. I’ve had minor stomach pains that have gotten a bit less noticeable day by day. Today they were virtually not existent.

Getting used to the flavor is about the most difficult part and even then a little oat milk helps. Glad I stuck with it! Loving it!!


Good to hear all’s well.

It sounds like you may have had an adverse reaction to it

Sorry to hear about your horrific experience. I can’t imagine it’s related to the Huel though. But even if it’s categorically not, that’s the kind of experience that would put me off for life even so!

If you try it again, or a different batch, or flavour, do share. It might go a lot better, but might be worth checking with your GP for a food intolerance test?

Tests for food intolerance

You may be referred to a food and nutrition specialist (dietitian) if a GP thinks you have a food intolerance.

Tests you may have include:

  • a special diet where you avoid eating the food you might be intolerant to, to see if your symptoms get better – after a few weeks you start eating the food again to see if your symptoms return
  • blood tests
  • a breath test if you might be lactose intolerant

You may also be asked to keep a food and symptoms diary to help work out what may be triggering your symptoms.

Important:Home tests

Some tests you can buy that claim to diagnose food intolerances are not recommended.

There’s limited evidence that they give accurate results and they may suggest you should avoid multiple foods, which can be harmful.