New to Huel - Need help

Hello there, I’m new to Huel as I’m trying to find a nice gainer that tastes well, gluten free (since I’m allergic to it) and also boosts my weight gain, my friend who is a powerlifter recommended Huel.

So fast forward to today, my day of delivery. I filled up my shaker with 2 cups of Huel Black Edition Gainer and 500ml of cold water, now I’m just wondering if I’ve done something wrong with the mixing but the gainer had small little bits in it and tasted really weird.

So what I’m here for are some tips or something…

The little bits are flaxseed. The taste…could be the sweeteners. In my opinion it tastes better than pretty much any protein powder…some flavours taste better than others

Definitely water first!!!

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Hey Erik, thanks for the post, welcome to the Huel team! Thanks to your friend for recommending Huel, I think it is going to be perfect for your needs!

Could you let us know exactly how you made it, and which flavour you’ve gone for? If you could try and describe the unpleasant taste would be really useful too!

Blending will help make Huel smoother! It isn’t going to be as smooth as gainers you buy though, but you’re going to be getting way better nutrition that is for sure!

Quick tips,
Add some milk (I use 50% oat or almond milk and 50% water) to improve taste
Prepare in advance and refrigerate for a few hours or better still overnight to make it thicker and smoother. You may need to add extra liquid as it can get very think

If it gets very think will it help me with wordle?


Well I’m obviously no good at spelling games

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