New user, doing it right?


Well, after sampling Huel as posted here, I ordered some to give it a proper go. My goals are to increase my energy levels and reduce my snacking - no tall order on the latter! So, after reading around the Huel website and the forum, here’s what I’m doing for my first steps into Hueldom:

  • Have Huel for breakfast - currently I don’t have breakfast (or I start my packed lunch early :wink:).
  • Then have two “normal” meals for the rest of the day, usually a packed lunch at work and cooked evening meal.
  • I still have the occasional evening snack :open_mouth:

My Huel mix is currently three level scoops with 550ml of water. I either add to that Huel flavour or a handful of blueberrys. I have to say, I quite like the consistency and taste, either with or without any flavouring and whilst the first time it was a chore to drink it, I’ve now found if I drink it whilst at work I almost subconsciously finish it without thinking about it and am surprised to find it’s all gone!

So, going back to goals, it would also be helpful to lose a little weight too, so trying the calculator linked from the main Huel website, and aiming for a 10% reduction in Calorie intake as per that site (I don’t know why I picked that option, I just did), I think I should be on around 2249C/day based on:

Height: 68"
Weight: 76Kg
Age: 47
Exercise: moderate (3-5 hours)
Most of the other options on that site are beyond my tiny, little mind :laughing:

Now if I calculate the rest of the Calories in everything else I eat, should I be able to work out how to acheive the 2249 Calories? Also, does anyone have any comment on my Huel mix? To much Huel, etc., etc., etc.

As things go on, I may move to more Huel meals in the day but not for the next month or so.

Thanks in advance for any advice, sorry about the “War and Peace” post.


All sounds perfectly sensible.

Its worth noting that calorie calculations are very inexact, if your goal is to alter your weight the best thing you can do is weigh yourself, eat fairly consistently for a week then weigh yourself again. Then you know what effect the calories you consumed are having. Calorie calculators are a good starting point, but there is a lot of variation.

Many thanks for the reply. Once I get more into this, I’ll start weighing myself and being more observant of my Calorie intake :wink:

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Thank you for the post. Great to have you on the forum and using Huel. All sounds spot on, you have done your homework well! Keep your weigh ins consistent and at don’t be tempted to weigh in more than once a week as it fluctuates so much!

If you need any more tips and info then don’t hesitate to write it on here or email us on