New volume discount plan - 8% price rise

We’re not buying Huel one or two at a time off a supermarket though. We’re buying it in bulk direct from the manufacturer. If I rang a manufacturer and asked for a quote for 1 it would be x + delivery, ask again for a quote for 20 and it would be less per unit + delivery. It’s standard economics, and it’s no different to what the supermarkets will be negotiating with Huel based on their large orders.


I’m not disagreeing.

My reply was to the poster who feels they’re entitled to demand an even-more-complex discount structure which might only suit a small handful of users… :upside_down_face:

Ok grump-a-lump :grimacing:

More complex discount structure - yes please.

That only benefits a small amount of users? No… where did you get that notion from?

Huel isn’t a supermarket. Many retail food suppliers do offer substantial discount directly though. Look at the Lucozade website for example. Buy buy the crate, cheaper than RRP. Considerably cheaper

How about a cheeky little tickle of extra discount for the most committed Hueligans?

It could be based on a combination of (i) an uninterrupted active subscription for a certain amount of time (in years), and (ii) the total number of meals purchased (in thousands).

So a bit like the 1000+ reward scheme but with a % or two off all ongoing future purchases, to reward & encourage loyalty, and to specifically benefit the heavy users who lost out in the recent change.

Just a thought.