Newbie and my first impressions

I have just completed my first week on Huel, and I wanted to share my thoughts with you all.

I started cautiously with a one three scoop meal for breakfast, no problems, and have now worked my way up to three meals a day. Again, no problems. I had read about possible wind or digestion issues while starting to change a diet, but I seem to have avoided them. One side effect and a very welcome it is too is that I am having a quality dump morning and evening, nothing like being regular is there?

My appetite has adapted very quickly, and my local shop hasn’t seen me for a few days. I have saved quite a sum of money as I am no longer buying crap food during the day, so all in all, one happy customer and will be reordering as and when I finish my initial delivery.

Forget to add; I have lost 2.5 kilos as well :slight_smile:


Hi addison,
I haven’t yet started using huel. I am planning to start it after Christmas. Happy to hear your experience…

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