Newbie nervous

Hi I have just got my starter pack and going to do 2 meals a day… So breakfast lunch and a healthy meal… Going to have 2 scoops each meal then 700 cal dinner… Does that sound about right?

Welcome! More stats and your goals? :slight_smile: Cant really give a proper answer otherwise :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome to Huel! It all depends about your calories intake.
If your goal is to weight loss, be sure to consume less food then you need to.
You can easily reach your TDEE and have an idea of what your calories looks like through this calculator. calorie calculator

Hi… 11st sedentary and 48… So had one scoop for breakfast to see how it tasted… Out today so will check calories for lunch around 600 ish and then will huel for dinner 3 scoops… Does that sound about right

doodlemum ive started with one meal for first 3 days. i found blending it first then leaving overnight makes the taste better

I’d advise getting yourself some scales and using My Fitness Pal or similar to log your calories. She you use it a while it becomes educational as you realise just how many calories are in certain foods. You can eat well if you make the right choices. I also like the hairy dieters books they make alterations to their recipes to keep the calories down without compromising on the taste.

Heul is good weigh x amount and you know that your getting the nutrition you need and a set number of calories.

Good luck!