Starting out - help with calculations


Starting out and looking for someone more experienced to check my calculations.

I am looking to target 1157 cals per day with the breakdown as:

Breakfast = 300 cals Huel
Lunch = 300 cals Huel
Dinner: 557 cals real food (Dinner with hubby is not substitutable)

300 cals Huel = 75g U/U power + 394 ml water + 1.5g flavour packets

I did the maths based on the recommendation:
3 scoops + 600ml water
2 g flavour for 1 serving

Is this right?

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I think one scoop is 150kcal so it your target is 300 kcal then two scoops, not three, is right. But weighing is more accurate.

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Hi Charlotte. Lots of us here use MyFitnessPal to track calories. Myself included. Good luck with the weight loss :grinning:
As @Andrew_B says, always best to weigh everything rather than rely on scoops which can vary considerably.

Hi @Andrew_B and @Bee

Thanks for the replies! Sorry, I wasn’t clear - I derived my portion which is 75g + 394 ml water based on the official recommendation by scaling down 300 cal from 500 cal.

In the end I tried it, it is pretty tasty but ended up using more than 1.5g of flavouring.

Will try the MyFitnessPal recommendation! Thanks!

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I need to withdraw my earlier comment re: scoops, after learning there are two size of scoop. It’s made clear here.

@Andrew_B that’s only relevant to US customers though… hence the post you link to being on the US forum.
There’s only one scoop size in the UK.

UK only has the 38g scoops, which is ~152 kcal.
Based on scoops, you’ll get 32 - 45 g / scoop so weighing is the way I do it.

So yes, 75g is ~2 scoops and ~300 kcal.
More or less water, depends on your preference and the same goes for flavouring.

MFP is a great help in tracking your daily calorie intake, I’m also one of many users.

If I may ask, what are your goals/targets ?
In other words, how did you get to specifically 1157 kcal/day ?

@Andrew_B Thanks for the clarification

@ChrisH0402 Sure. I was reading on the forums that in order to lose weight, we need to consume 500 cals less than the BMR (for me it is 1657 - 500 = 1157). Does that look right?

I’m not doing too good on it though - I find that I have no discipline. The first day on Huel, I went out for a big dosa in the afternoon. :joy::sob:

Main reason why most people trying to lose weight fail alas. Things that are bad for your weight are just so damn tasty. :stuck_out_tongue:

True. And tasty healthy things like your snack takes planning, preparation, washing up…

Oh well. Everyday is a new day right? :sun_behind_small_cloud:

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Yeah, f you can work through the early stages it gets easier…humans have addictive personalities alas.

@cwcwcw before you go knocking 500 calories off your basal metabolic rate and starving to death, the first thing to do is find your TDE, taking into account your age, height and activity levels and knock 500 calories off that. All depends on how much you want to lose weight and then keep it off. I am currently 1lb away from reaching my target weight and am equally determined to maintain after that. No reason I won’t do it with Huel, walking my two furry friends and MFP keeping track. Can’t tell you how good I feel right now. Good luck! :grin:

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Thanks for the tip @Bee. Hmmm based on the TDE calculations, seems like I can increase my caloric intake by 200 to 1300. (1800+ to maintain, minus 500 to lose weight = 1300). Thank you for those extra calories ! :slight_smile:

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Good luck! :+1:

This was 13 days ago and you’ve steadily and consistently been losing 1lb a week - does this mean you’ve hit your target weight now?
:tada: :balloon: :star2: :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face: :dog2: :dog: :star2: :balloon: :tada:

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Yes! And duly increased my calories to maintenance level :grin::grin::grin::woman_cartwheeling::woman_cartwheeling::woman_cartwheeling:


Congratulations @Bee !!

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Thank you! :grin::grin::grin::kissing_heart:

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Congratulations!! :partying_face:


Thank you! :smile::smile::smile::kissing_heart:

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