One Scoop

I have just ordered Huel, and I am pretty excited.

I am hoping to use it for weight loss and not eat crisps and cakes but have this in its place.

I am thinking I should start with one scoop as it will be lower the calories. How much water is best to use with one scoop?

Is this the right way of going about it, I thought I would give it a try and don’t know if anyone has had success using it for weightloss?

Any tips and help is great.

Thank you. :grin:

One scoop would be highly inconvenient, I’d go as far as pointless.

There’s numerous posts about weight loss.

Essentially, weight loss depends on calories in vs calories out. Download Myfitnesspal app on your phone and start tracking every bit of nutrition you take in - Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, drinks, alcohol.

Establish your TDEE using an online calculator and eat around 500 calories less. Weigh yourself every couple of days when you wake up after a morning pee, but before you drink or eat everything. Track that weight in Myfitnesspal.

It all depends on your willpower, very little else.

1 scoop would be around 170ml of water (or milk etc.).

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I use 78 grams and 400 ml of water. This makes a 300 cal meal. In the morning I add some fresh strawberries and for lunch I add a big tsp of instant espresso. The 300 cal meal keeps me satisfied. One scoop would be a starvation diet.

I mix one scoop of Huel with 500ml coconut water and either instant coffee or a Huel flavour. When trying to loose a bit of weight I do this for breakfast and lunch. Then something healthy for tea. I have quite a physical job and find this keeps me going without any problems. I also try to make my lunch one before I get home at lunchtime as I have occasionally just gone and grabbed something like a packet of crisps or some other rubbish :grimacing::grimacing:
Good luck ! :kissing_heart:

Really, so one scoop 5 times a day, would be a bad option?

Can you explain why please?

I was looking at doing exacly this, using one scoop huel to 5 scoops water and having it when I feel the need, up to a maximum of my calories a day. So grazing instead of big 3 a day.

Do you mean one scoop a day, or a one scoop meal?

My understanding is that its always 5:1 so use one of your scoops for huel, one scoop, then other other for water, 5 scoops of water. One meal.

1 scoop is around 150 calories… In my opinion, there’s just very little point? It seems like an odd way to go about it and a tonne of hassle to put yourself through.

Surely you couldn’t survive on 5 scoops a day?

Ah to be clear, not as a complete replacement.

750 Calories through the day, with a “proper” evening meal. Of what I like up to 750 calories.

So total 1500.

If I was completely replacing, then yes, I’d probably do 2 scoops, or more servings.

But for me, and I’m only starting one of the goals is to shrink my stomach, so having a huge portion of huel isn’t what I’m looking for, more grazing option.

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