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Hi a friend recommended huel to me. Please can i ask a few questions.
What would you normally eat in a day to achieve weight loss?
Do you buy say a months worth ?
Thanks !

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This is not a one size fits all answer.

It is widely stated that men need 2500kc a day and women need 2000. Unfortunately, most people need less than that while some need far more. It depends on age, metabolism, activity etc. If I consumed 2500 calories a day i would gain weight and I’m male and reasonably active.

Doesn’t matter at all what you eat in a day, what matter is caloric deficit over the long run (weeks, months…). That’s what make you lose weight

I’ll go into a bit more depth on this question than others. But the amount often recommended to people to eat in a day depends on a number of factors, most calculators will use a combination of your current age, weight, your height, and your activity level, with activity level seeming (to me) to make the biggest impact. For weight loss, it is generally recommended to have a calorie deficit of between 200 and 400 per day. Generally speaking, larger deficits than that are much more difficult to maintain, and often suffer a large rebound after the diet is “complete”.

I know you didn’t say anything about it, but it sounds like you might be thinking about doing a 100% replacement (or 4-6 shakes of HUEL per day). I’d suggest starting with just one, and if that works for you increase to two per day. I don’t suggest more than that - Huel isn’t a perfect replacement for solid food (even though it can, hypothetically, entirely replace it).

As for this, first I’d suggest trying a couple of flavors of Huel and finding a couple you like, and could see yourself continuing to use for a long period of time. Once you have that, it depends on your budget. I often buy a large number of bags at once, then wait a number of months before putting in for another bunch. This ends up costing quite a bit up front, but over the long term is cheaper. If you don’t have the expendable income to do this, it might be better to order enough for one or two months at a time, then reorder as needed.

I hope that helps.

Thanks everyone for your replies !
I have read in another thread that for a month supply 2 bags of powder and 1 pack of meals and 1 pack of bars should last if the first 2 weeks i have one shake a day and 1 meal and next 2 weeks 2 shakes and a meal :slight_smile:

Hey Donna, welcome to the forum! You’ve got some great answers here from the community, but yes the overriding answer is that there isn’t a one-size fits all answer.

This is a good place to go though, we’ve got a bit of a walk-through here. But if you have specific questions after skimming this then let us know!

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