No more gas, I have solved it

I’ve been on huel since Xmas and like most I have had gas issues. I have the recommended amount 3 scoops twice a day and a healthy meal at night.

The gas never stopped, between the hours of 7-10pm it was horrendous. The rest of the day I was fine. So I read on one of the forums about coconut oil as a solution, at first it didn’t work but now I have the receipe.

Make your huel as normal then add coconut oil to the top. I use the spray version from Asda £1.50. About 5-10 sprays will do. And shake it well.

I now know it really works as I forgot to use it today and you can guess what came back.

Hope that helps…


Thanks for sharing this find! I will be trying this asap. Got to be better than wearing a gas mask to bed…:nauseated_face:

The only thing I can find online is the coconut oil mixed with things like rapeseed or sunflower oil for cooking. Is that what you mean? And do you know why it works? Would any coconut oil product work??


Yes that will be fine. The one for cooking. Someone had suggest led that coconut oil or milk helps with digestion. So Im guessing taking with the product works in the same way as digestive enzymes.

It’s about 1 calorie per shake so nothing to worry about on that front. I found putting it last os the best way. Try it and see.

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Do you want the final answer for the bloats and farts?

When we shake the Huel we mix completely the air and the liquid and if you use a transparent mixer you can see after shaking hundreds of little bubbles moving up slowly or tiny trapped.

The solution: let it rest for a minute and just before, move very gentle for some trapped bubbles.

Second solution: gently, put the mixer on an horizontal level and roll it softly letting those bubles get out of the huel.

You are welcome


Thanks will try this. Is it this sort of thing:

Was your wind smelly or just loud?

I tried olive oil last time as recommended by some one here but it didn’t help.

Leaving it to settle did nothing either.

My wind was just loud; I sprayed WD40 on my rusty sheriff’s badge and that seemed to sort it.


That’s the stuff I have been trying, I think it has definitely helped with smell, not so much quantity of gas. Though last few days it seems it may not be working so well. Either way, that one is a fantastic coconut flavour if ya like coconut (I love it!) £8.42 is waaaay more than I paid though, if you were planning on buying it there. I got it for £2.50 in Sainsbury’s.

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That’s a shame. I might give it a try as you never know.

I used to suffer disgusting rotten egg farts, now I soved it by more water.

my daily huel is this

2 scoops for breakfast with 1 of protein powder. 4 huel and protein for lunch. I now drink at least 2/3 liters of water after lunch and found no more disgusting rotten egg farts in the evening.

I guess before drinking more water all that fiber from morning and lunch sits there in your intestines and ferments a bit too much. With the extra water it passes through properly.

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Interesting. So the water increases the frequency of stools?

Are you not having Huel for dinner?

What type of protein are you adding to your Huel? Whey or plant?


3 litres of water a day. If I did that I would live in the toilet. I’ll stick to the coconut oil thanks.

Good point! I will pick up some spray today now my Huel has arrived!

nope, still go once or twice a day. Only have huel for breakfast and lunch. 78g for breakfast and 152 for lunch along with about 30g of whey protein each time.

Protein is a standard whey protein.

Maybe i just got lucky but the extra water at lunch seems to work for me.

Just noticed that spray is only 15% coconut oil. The rest is sunflower oil!

How many sprays are you adding to each serving of Huel?

Genius. This has done the trick for me. Thanks for sharing.