Not as hungry


first day 100% Huel and have to say despite few rumblings ( which I curbed with berries) it has gone well.

Infact as humans we consume far too much food as a population we forget what ‘true’ hunger feels like.

It does you good to go back to basics and become in tune with your body.

So hopefully start as I mean to go on.

Sat night usually treat night (by treat maybe a nice meal bit of chocolate) but then back on it.

See how it goes… 4 weeks until xmas doo no.1 so of course that keeping me focussed as would like to actually fit in a nice dress.:pray:

K x


For slightly less calories instead of 3 scoops I am going to add 2 scoops plus a scoop of protein powder.

It’s vanilla and that mixed with the toffee flavour boost is yum!!

K xx

Great on your progress :slight_smile:

Great to have you on board, thanks for the post! Keep us updated how you get along. I agree that many confuse hunger with just a desire to eat something. Work hard and I’m sure you’re going to rock that Christmas doo :facepunch:

We’re here to help if you need anything!