Not filling enough, what would people recommend?

Hi all

I’ve been using Huel BE a few times a week for a little while (Mainly Monday evenings before I go to a Pilates class and for lunch at weekends, occasionally other evenings when I get in from work if I’m feeling lazy (I usually take hot food to work for lunch)), I was advised that it can take a bit of time to get used to meal replacements so I have perservered but I find they just don’t fill me up. Has anyone else had the same issue? Would it be worth ordering a bag of v.3.0 and doing a scoop of BE and a scoop of 3.0? What would people recommend?
If trying 3.0, what flavour would people recommend ordering? I currently have Strawberry and Cream, Chocolate, UU and Cinnamon Swirl in the BE.

Thanks all.

Hi, for me BE is more filling that 3.0 so I would stick with BE. Do you know how many calories you would usually have with the meal you’re replacing? A standard Huel (2 scoop) serving is 400 cal. It’s not exactly a large meal and more of a snack for some, you might need another half or full scoop to fill you up.

With standard two scoop servings I get hungry again after 3 hours. Seems about right as 5 meals of 400 calories means eating at say 7am, 10am, 1pm, 4pm, and 7pm to spread the meals evenly between normal breakfast and dinner times.

Yeah I would reitterate what @himji has said. For example, if you usually eat an 800kcal lunch, but are trying to switch in a 400kcal Huel meal then you will for sure be a little peckish! It seem obvious I know, but we often don’t know how many calories are in the foods we eat, so make sure you are giving yourself the calories you need!

The other thing I find helpful is to split up my Huel in the after by having two smaller lunches! Hope this helps!

Thanks all. When having Huel at lunch time maybe I need 2 heaped scoops instead of level, maybe even 3 (although not sure that amount of protein would be necessary).
I don’t know how many cals my usual lunches are, I tend to batch cook and divide into multiple portions and don’t always follow a recipe, and even when I do I often swap things in/out so the Cal amount may end up slightly different anyway.

Thanks all, I’ll have a play and see how I get on.

You could try having two meals or two scoops. a meal at about 10:30-11 and another at 2pm-3pm
You’re eating a lot more and as epicure says it’s more how Huel is designed

If I know I won’t be eating much during the day for whatever reason - I tend to make some overnight oats made with some Huel and have it at breakfast - that helps me feel full a good portion of the day so having lighter meals afterwards doesn’t bother me.


I always have 2 scoops when I have my shakes anyway.

As I don’t know how many calories are in the rest of my food and trying to lose a few pounds (literally only a few, not a massive amount, just trying to get my clothes comfy again) I don’t want to over do it and take on board more than I need.

I usually get my breakfast ready the night before. I don’t like porridge or overnight oats. I usually have cereal (weetabix atm) with fruit and soya yoghurt (I’m vegan and dairy intolerant). I have thought about blending some oats in with the shake though, I might give that a try.

Thanks all for the suggestions.

Hey Phil overnight oats with Huel sounds like a brilliant idea. Will have to give it a try.
Any top tips you can pass on? Do you mix in the Huel at the start or right before eating?

my current favourite is a mix of wholemeal steel cut oats, rolled oats, dried fig muesli, dried raisins a scoop of cinnamon swirl BE all mixed up then add oat or almond milk and leave in the fridge overnight. have also added a scoop of fudge brownie complete protein powder on occasion but TBH I prefer it with just the cinnamon swirl.


That sounds exotic! I may start with oats, Huel and water, see you I go. :grin:.

I kind of like the mix of different types of oats as it gives it more texture and less gruel like :slight_smile:

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I have to say Phil mixing in fig muesli and raisins with oats and a preferred flavour of huel sounds quite tasty. I like baked oats and muesli, maybe I’ll have to try mixing huel in with a bowl of muesli with oat milk - great suggestion, thank you.

If you were interested we’ve got some other recipes for Huel overnight oats here!

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and here

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Thanks Tim.

I’ve been experimenting with my own Huel overnight oats. I’ll post up my take once I perfect my method :slight_smile:

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Adding MCT oil or - unless you are vegan - whole fat milk or coffee cream is also an option. There is nothing that fills better than fats.

Hi mbs, thanks for the suggestion, not sure what mct oil is? Also, yes I am vegan, and dairy intolerant.

Just a quick update, tonight I had a H&S for my dinner as I really couldn’t be bothered with cooking when I got in. I usually have 2 scoops and find that that feels more like a starter, so this evening I used 3 scoops (chicken and mushroom), that hit the spot.

I’ve tried blending a couple of scoops of oats and adding that into shakes with 2 scoops of BE a couple of times, but it still feels little more than an appetizer and leaves me wanting more food. As 3 scoops H&S seemed to hit the spot I will try 3 scoops of shake powder next time I make a shake and see if it makes a difference. I will feed back on my finding.