Not quite hitting the spot

On occasion like today, I’ll have my Huel and I don’t quite feel satiated. I’m full and yet I feel like I’m missing something and really just want to eat something else.
Does anybody else get this?

Hey Himesh! This is totally normal, you’ve just got cravings for something!

Broadly speaking, hunger can be viewed in two ways. Firstly, physiological, also known as stomach or true hunger, is where you are genuinely hungry because you feel low in energy and haven’t eaten for a long time. In other words, your body needs food. Secondly, psychological, or mouth hunger, is where you fancy something to eat. This is when you have a craving.

We’ve got an article here about it, and should you want to curb those cravings it explains some techniques where you can how you can.


It might be salt. I get salt cravings. I generally have a packet of crisps mid morning to fix me up. I keep meaning to add a sprinkle of salt into my shake just to see how this works, might ruin the flavour though.

yeah I had the same - I had pickles as snacks instead of potato chips to fix the salt craving - the vinegar helps neutralise sugar cravings too and stops you eating a whole big bag of Kettle chips or large tube of Pringles which is far too easily done :slight_smile:

I get that feeling quite often. A packet of crisps or Quavers or if I’m being extra healthy, an easy peeler orange and some grapes usually sorts me out.

Thanks all. Really useful.
I’m going to try having some olives next time and see how it goes.
I like the idea about adding salt to my Huel :joy:

Thanks for the article. i’ll give it a read. And yes it might be me just wanting something to eat and chew.
I tried having a cracker with nut butter earlier and that seems to help and it’s not over indulgent. Maybe that’s a salt thing too tho

Sometimes I know I need to chew, crackers or Biltong work for me.

OK great, perhaps worth getting some Hot & Savoury. I usually have that for lunch and I imagine it helps!

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Yes H&S helps when I have it. It makes a difference having something to chew and eat and I’ve been using it just for that.
But we’re saving up right now and the powder works out cheaper so I am trying to use the powder more often and the H&S every few days to mix things up

Another vote for Biltong or some sort of jerky. Even dried fruit (though dried mango is dangerous territory for me) can just fill that hole/provide a bit of something else.

I’ve used dried mango as well, high sugar content!

I always keep a pack of sugar free gum in case I need to chew, especially when fasting. I sometimes feel the same way, I noticed a pattern of it occurring more frequently when my Huel mix was not as thick. I’ve done an overnight to thicken my huel from a tip I read somewhere, and it helped coat my stomach much more than a less viscous, “watery” solution.

Chewing gum, or a snack if your diet allows it, is a must in my book when fasting. I notice me salivating working with my GI track better, moving my jaw around after long hours of fasting in study or work, is a good break… Almost like taking a break from sitting for too long.

Of course, just ignore it and the body will adjust over time