Not really losing weight

Hi, I’ve been using Huel for Breakfast and lunch since 1 February, 16 days now. During the morning I don’t have hunger but after lunch (at noon) after a few hours I start feeling a bit hungry. Usually I take then soup or something light. And i take dinner at 18-19 hrs.
I take a banana and wheatgrass (for the energy) in the shakes.
I noticed I didn’t loose much weight, only two kilos. I was expecting quite more.
How could I improve this?

Two kilos in 16 days sounds great to me.

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I’d agree with David - 4kg a month seems a healthy enough rate to lose. You can speed it up with some extra cardio exercises over time.


1kg a week is probably more than you should be losing a week (it obviously depends on your starting size) but you’re making good steady progress. I wouldn’t recommend trying to speed up your weight loss further.

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