Number of meals to get 100% micronutrients?

As the micronutrients are based on a 2000kcal/5x90g a day, if I were to eat bad food, then one meal of Huel isn’t enough to satisfy my body’s micronutrients needs? I would need to consume Huel 100% everyday to get everything I need.

So, then I am kind of forced to go 100% Huel if I start because if I only have one or two meals, then it’s not enough and it’s wasted. Of course if I would eat my other bad food instead of one or two meals of Huel, I would be down at 0% micronutrients.

So do you recommend going 100% Huel when I first start it? Of course introducing it small so my body adapts.

There’s an aphorism “the perfect is the enemy of the good”. Basically you’ve told yourself, if you can’t have everything, you might as well not bother. That’s not correct. If you’re eating a crap diet, then you introduce some healthier options, you’re better off. Even if it’s only one meal.

And your “bad food” doesn’t have zero micronutrients, so some of what you need is already in your diet.

Hi and yes, starting slowly is better for your digestive system.

Incorrect. You only need to consume 2000kcal/day of Huel to hit all the RDAs, and eat then things in addition to Huel. These other foods will also contain some micronutrients.

How about you just not eat “bad” foods then?

What about taking vitamin supplements?

Like others have helpfully pointed out, this is the key. You’re not forced to go 100% Huel but eating a healthy diet is important for so many reasons and can be done to match your needs e.g. convenience and price.

“Bad foods” whatever they may be, will likely still contain some micronutrients, just not sufficient amounts for good health.