Nutrition Map for a HUEL beginner

Hi everyone,
I will receive my first order of HUEL gluten free in a few days and I would like to know if anyone has a tool or a guideline to share.
I’m a 27 years old woman and I’m overweighted. (173cm for 93 kg)
I’m moderately active (Yoga and walking/cycling the streets of Paris regularly)
I’ve gained some weight those last months due to the fact that I’ve experienced a crazy schedule leading to a less healthy way of life (eating quickly, not at reasonable hours, etc…) and also eating quantities that I don’t need due to stress.
This isn’t good because obviously now my stomach has expanded and is requesting more food than before.
Now that my work-life is a bit less chaotic and holidays are coming up, I will have more time for myself and to cook proper meals.
My plan was using HUEL for breakfast and lunch and then have a home-cooked meal for diner (or be able to eat out with friends and family sometimes).
I don’t have any goal except the one of feeling healthier and less hungry. (Main goal is therefore reducing my needy stomach back to “normal” and then obviously I will loose weight).
If anyone is/was in the same situation and care to share a map of how many scoops/calories of Huel per day and per meal you are/were using it will be of great help.
Powdered meal is a first for me so I’m not familiar at all with it’s use.
(Sorry in advance for any grammatical mistakes, I’m french)
Thank you :slight_smile:

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Hi, welcome to the community!

I think that the amount of Huel you will need will vary between each individual person, because everyone needs different calorie intakes.

There are around 500 cal in 125g of Huel.

I would recommend using a calculator online to work out how many calories you need per day, then you can take away some calories from that to work out how much to eat to lose weight.

Also, this place is a good place to start:

Good luck with your journey!

Just spotted this elsewhere on the forum, really handy for calculating how much huel to have for a given calories.

@Tristan and @Sarah_Susannah_Berni : Thank you both for your recommandations and advices.
I’ll check the calculator tool and the Huel guide.
Have a nice one :slight_smile:

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