Nutritional values


Considering to try Huel…

My question is…

The values stated in the PDF are per scoop or per meal (4 scoops) or for entire day if I eat 3 Huel meals ? I mean , if I had one Huel meal - what’s the amount of vitamins / nutrition I’m about to get ?

It’s written in a a bit confusing way, would be much easier to understand if it was per serving (1 meal)


The RDIs on the label of vitaminerals are indeed per 2000 kcal. As 100 grams is 400 kcal, or 125 grams is 500 kcal, you can simply split the values by 4 or 5 to get vitamins per meal. If that makes sense.

Sorry you aren’t finding it clear. There are many different variants of the nutritional profile that we could include on the label but it would start to get quite large! We want to show the micronutrients per 2000kcal so it is clear that Huel provides at least 100% of all essential vitamins and minerals and is therefore totally balanced per meal.

A little tool would be useful so you could input the amount of Huel you have and the amount of vitamins and minerals you would consume but it wouldn’t be a priority right now. Perhaps some lovely person could be make a really useful spreadsheet where you can do this?!